2024 CMT Music Awards: Scotty McCreery Wins Digital-First Performance of the Year

Scotty McCreery has a CMT Music Award! The country music hit maker won the trophy for Digital-First Performance of the Year, for his performance of “It Matters to her,” as part of  CMT Stages.

The news was announced while on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards.

“Thank you, CMT, the fans,” McCreery said, where he was appearing virtually. “What a nice little surprise. Thank you very much.”

McCreery also said that he wasn’t at the CMT Music Awards because he was celebrating another important milestone: his wife Gabi’s birthday.

“It’s my beautiful bride’s 30th birthday today, so we’re here in Raleigh, back home, hanging out with family and friends, and having a big ol’ time for her,” the North Carolina native said. “It’s been a nice day.”

McCreery has a lot more celebrating to do in the next several weeks, including his upcoming induction into the Grand Ole Opry on April 20.

“It’s the craziest — it still feels like a dream,” McCreery admitted. “The Opry’s so important, and so huge to me as a country artist, just as a fan of country music in general. So to be a part of that family is unreal. It’s going to be a very special day for sure.”

McCreery previously said he was thrilled even to be nominated for a CMT Music Award.

“That’s huge,” McCreery told Everything Nash. “I love CMT. We’ve done a lot with them over the years, and they’re just great partners, and great champions for country music. Anytime I get the chance to be nominated, it feels great. I’m very honored to be part of the CMT Awards.”

McCreery will follow his Grand Ole Opry induction with the release of his fifth studio album, Rise and Fallout on May 10.

“I just think for me, I’m at a place where I wasn’t going to make a record chasing trends, or chasing the top of the charts, or what sound is selling more tickets on the road,” McCreery shared. “I just want to make an album that feels good to me, feels good to my soul, touches on influences that I had growing up. I really think we did that on this record. To me, it’s the most ‘me’ record, and the most proud I’ve been of a record yet.”

McCreery’s current single, “Cab In A Solo” is inching closer to the Top 5 on the charts. He has also released “Slow Dance,” “Can’t Pass The Bar” and  “Red Letter Blueprint” from his new record.

Find all of McCreery’s music and upcoming shows, and pre-order Rise and Fall, at ScottyMcCreery.com.

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