Alexandra Kay Shares Details of ‘I Hate Airplanes’ Video

Alexandra Kay will soon have a new video out. The rising star announces on social media that she has already watched the first edits for her “I Hate Airplanes” video, which means fans should soon be able to see it for themselves.

Kay already teased that the “I Hate Airplanes” video includes real fire, along with her acting a role instead of just singing the song.

“I was trying to think of what direction we wanted to go for the video, and I just wanted it to be like an emo video, but for a country song,” Kay tells 92.3 WIL. “What’s more metal than just screaming in front of something that’s lit on fire. [The video director] sent me the treatment, and I was like, ‘This is absolutely amazing.’ We cast somebody to play my love interest. That was interesting, so I got to put my acting skills to the text. It was incredible.”

The “I Hate Airplanes” video was shot in a paintball factory, where the “I Hate Airplanes” video director made the song come to life, albeit with a few special effects.

“They already had three airplane props out there,” Kay hints. “It’s a huge place. They have a boat, all these props. It was a lot of lighting, and a lot of smoke machines and all of that. But they actually lit off … They actually ignited black powder. It was this whole big flare, flames and everything. It was very dramatic.”

“I Hate Airplanes” is from Kay’s forthcoming new album, which she now knows when it will be released, but has yet to announce to her fans. Either way, the singer-songwriter says the project will share details of her personal life, ones she has until now not publicly shared.

“I’m kind of going through it,” Kay shares. “I’m going through it a little bit in my personal life … I’ve had some major life changes over the last year. I’m putting out my first debut album in October, and it’s a first look into my life. I’ve given a lot of my personal life to the public over the past eight years, almost ten years that I’ve been on social media. I share and I overshare. I let everybody in, and so everybody has been asking a lot of questions, a lot of comments of, ‘Why have you not explained all these changes that everyone is noticing?’”

While Kay has, by her own admission, had her own set of challenges, she insists she is in a really good place now, and excited for all that is happening in her life and career.

“I’m in a healing process,” Kay explains. “I wrote through it over the last year, and that’s the album everybody’s going to get in October. And so, I’m really excited to let everybody in on how I’ve been going through the last year, and what’s been going on, and how I’ve grown through it.”

Kay will kick off her Dive Bar Dreamer Tour on July 19 in Wichita, Kansas. The tour will wrap up on August 8 in Athens, Georgia. Find all of Kay’s music and upcoming shows at