Bailey Zimmerman and Morgan Wallen Focus On Their Health On Tour

Bailey Zimmerman scored one of the best opening slots of all tours, when Morgan Wallen invited him to serve as the opening act on his  One Night At A Time World Tour. While it might seem like the tour would be a non-stop run of partying when they aren’t performing, the “Rock and a Hard Place” singer says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“This is complete honesty: we don’t really party,” Zimmerman tells Audacy’s US 99. “I feel like we’ve all learned a really good lesson on partying and how it can affect tours, and how it can affect fans and just your family, friends, whatever. Now I feel like we’re just on a really good trajectory of being healthy.

“We work out all the time, we’re eating healthy,” he adds. “We’ll have a couple tequilas, but you won’t catch us at the bar anymore… I just feel like, if I don’t go out to the bar, then I can’t get in trouble.”

Zimmerman is also joined on the tour by HARDY and ERNEST, and since they aren’t partying, they could easily spend their days writing songs, but Zimmerman says that isn’t necessarily accurate either.

“It’s just so hectic all the time, that trying to write a song is the last thing we’re thinking about,” Zimmerman says, adding that he is just thankful to be part of such a talented group of singer-songwriters.

“I’m just honestly so grateful to be friends with them, so I don’t push that,” Zimmerman explains. “If they want to write a song — I’d love to — but if not, it’s also cool because I’m very, very grateful to get to call them friends.”

Zimmerman has worked hard to hone his craft, but it’s his faith that he credits with getting him as far as he has, including two No. 1 songs and a Top 15 hit right now, with “Religiously.” It’s also his faith that he believes will make his career continue to grow for years to come.

“I believe in God, and I believe He knows when things are supposed to happen,” Zimmerman states. “So it’ll happen when it needs to happen. When that song needs to be written, I will end up in a room with whoever I need to write with to make that song what it needs to be.”

Zimmerman credits his faith with a lot of his successes, but he also credits his mother, whose belief in him makes him work even harder.

“My mom has worked her a– off to get me here and I’m not about to throw it away because I want to drink beers at the bar and try to get girls,” the 23-year-old maintains. “I’m not about that — I love my family too much.”

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