Blessing Offor Talks Dove Awards, Christmas Music + Refusing to Be Labeled [EXCLUSIVE]

Blessing Offor has had a big couple of weeks. The Nigerian-born singer won two Dove Awards, both for Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year, for “Brighter Days,” and Short Form Music Video of the Year (Performance) for TobyMac’s “The Goodness,” which he was featured in. Although grateful for the wins, Offor says just hearing his nominations made him feel like a winner already.

“It’s not out of any kind of hubris. I just feel like I’m already there,” Offor tells Everything Nash of his Dove Awards nominations. “Winning is awesome … I tend to be pretty chill about it all, but like I said, winning is awesome.”

Offor also just released Like A Child, his Christmas collection of three songs: “Little Drummer Boy,” “Wonderful Christmastime,” and the title track, which is an original song.

“Christmas is a delicate thing because we all know the Christmas records, and the Christmas songs,” Offor reflects. “Everybody does a cover, and it all kind of ends up sounding the same. And so, because I love Christmas, truly, I didn’t want to just put out a Christmas record that’s like, ‘Oh, here’s the cover of some Christmas song.’

“I really wanted them to be special,” he continues. “And so, we did three, because I really took my time with them, arranged them myself on my piano in my living room. I wanted them to feel unique and different. So we did two covers and an original.”

Ironically, Offor wrote “Like A Child” while he was living in New York City, around the same time he competed on Season 7 of The Voice in 2014.

“I was in my small Brooklyn closet apartment,” Offor recalls with a laugh. “I was in front of the window. It was wintertime, it was snowing, it was cold. And I was like, ‘Man, I really want to write about Christmas, but not in a silly way.’ My first few Christmases in America were really special. I was six and seven, and literally … I put the memories of those couple Christmases in the verses of that. And so that’s really special to me.”

Offor also channeled some of his biggest musical influences in choosing the other two songs to include on Like A Child.

“My first thought with ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ was, ‘What would Marvin Gaye do to this? Or what would the Jackson Five do to this?'” Offor says. “‘How do we make this fun?’ And that was the North Star of it all.”

Offor has already had a successful — and rapidly growing — career with songs like “Tin Roof,” “Brighter Days” and more, which have been played all over Christian radio. While his story, as a blind artist with a flawless voice and an unstoppable work ethic and determination, has resonated with a faith-based audience, the singer-songwriter doesn’t want to be classified by one label or genre.

“I don’t think of myself as a Christian artist,” Offor maintains. “I am an artist, and I think first and foremost, I’m an artist who is a Christian. It’s that delicate walk — when you say ‘Christian artist,’ people have a connotation in their head. If you listen to My Tribe, there are just love songs on that record … Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re somehow lmmune to the world. So I don’t want to write songs that pretend all I do every day is worship, because that’s not true. And that’s also super one-dimensional.

“Christians fall in love and Christians get heartbroken, and Christians do all the things normal people do,” he adds. “So why can’t we be normal?”

While Offor doesn’t ever need to be labeled as a “Christian artist,” he does hope that people draw inspiration from his life and his music.

“At the end of the day, I just want to be an artist,” Offor maintains. “I think that’s where I’m most myself, and that’s where luckily I found  a team of people who are happy to support that.”

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