Brandon Davis Announces Release of New Song, ‘Family Tree’

Brandon Davis has new music coming out, this one just in time for the holidays. The father of four shared the story behind his new song, “Family Tree,” on Facebook, ahead of its release on Friday, November 11.

“This song is about the Christmas traditions that really work up from Thanksgiving on, because that’s where it started in my house,” Davis explains.

For Davis, “Family Tree” celebrates everything he enjoys about the holiday season.

“Growing up in my house with my parents, it always started with Thanksgiving as the kick-off to the Christmas season,” the singer explains. “So we’d get up early in the morning … Mama was up at five and six o’clock in the morning, sometimes earlier, cooking all kinds of food, in anticipation for all of the family to get there. We would come barrelling in the living room, ready to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, because that was the start of Thanksgiving for us.

“It didn’t kick off until we got to watch the Macy’s Parade,” he adds. “We’d sit down and watch that, trying to steal little bits of food as Mama cooked it, because we couldn’t wait for the dinner to be up.”

Davis has fond memories of Thanksgiving in his house, but for him, the most special part of the day came after the plates had been cleared.

“Once it was all said and done, it was Mama’s favorite time of the day, which was sending everybody out, to start grabbing all of our Christmas ornaments, and of course the Christmas tree,” he recalls. “We’d bring it in, family would gather around. We’d be able to decorate everything together. You just start to look at all the stuff that goes on the tree, all the ornaments … there are ornaments on there my mom’s had since she was a kid. It’s just amazing to me how much life can be seen and tracked through a Christmas tree.”

While there might be several weeks until Christmas, the rising star says now is the perfect time for him to release “Family Tree.”

“I know it’s early for Christmas, but I feel like this one is really telling about the traditions that lead up to Christmas,” Davis explains. “I love giving Jesus a little more time to shine this year. I feel like His birthday deserves about two months’ span, so let’s give the man his due.”

Pre-order for “Family Tree” is available here. 150 people who pre-ordered the song will be selected to receive an autographed Christmas card from Davis and his family. Find all of Davis’ music and upcoming shows at