Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne and Wife Lucie Silvas Welcome Twins

Congratulations are in order for Brothers Osborne‘s John Osborne and his wife, Lucie Silvas, who are now the proud parents of twins! Osborne announced on Instagram that their son, Arthur, was born first, weighing three pounds., 13 ounces and measuring 15½ inches long, followed by Maybelle, who weighed 5 pounts, 1 ounce and measured 18 inches long.

“Welcome to this crazy world, Arthur and Maybelle,” the proud father captioned the announcement. “It’s going to be a wild one. Lucie Silvas – You’re a damn boss.”

Brothers Osborne, which also includes TJ Osborne, announced on Monday that they would not be able to perform at the Love Rising event, a benefit concert for the LGBTQ community, due to the impending arrival of the babies.

“Hey y’all… with deepest apologies, we will be unable to attend tonight’s Love Rising event at Bridgestone,” John wrote. “Turns out my and Lucie’s twins, Maybelle and Arthur, have picked the Osborne tradition of arriving unannounced and could be here any second now! Lucie is a damn warrior and is currently holding down the fort from the hospital bed as I type this.

“To our dear friends that will be there tonight, on and off stage, show the world what our town is made of, and let’s fight to keep Nashville full of the love, light, and inclusivity that it is known for,” he continued. “For that is the type of place we want to raise our children. Go get em. Love y’all.”

The couple announced last fall that they were expecting, and using in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive.

“It is such an amazing thing to be in this position to be growing two babies,” Silvas told People. “When you think that you may never have the chance to have children and then suddenly you’re going to have two, it’s amazing.”

John predicted that Silvas, a singer-songwriter, would excel in her role as a mother as well.

“I already know Lucie’s going to be an amazing mom, because she has had to be a mom to me a couple of times, when I’m being ridiculous or I’ve had a few too many drinks. She’s actually inherently a very maternal person,” Osborne boasted.

“I would think any of our friends would say that — when they need love and affection and a genuinely nonjudgmental person and ear to talk to, they go to Lucie, because she has a very motherly instinct already without having had kids. It’s very natural,” he continued. “I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to transition into motherhood as good, if not better, than anyone. … Lucie is going to absolutely crush it as a mom — I would bet everything I have on that.”