Chris Stapleton Opens Up About His Marriage to His Wife, Morgane

Chris Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, have been married for more than 16 years. Their marriage has, at least according to Stapleton, lasted so long because they learned early on the importance of communicating with each other, about big and small things.

“The key to a successful marriage, I’d say communication,” Stapleton, 45, told Fox News Digital  “We’re always working on that… love and kindness and patience. I think you have those things in play, hopefully, you can overcome whatever obstacles.”

Stapleton acknowledged Morgane when he won his seventh CMA Male Vocalist of the Year Award, during his heartfelt acceptance speech.

“I want to thank my wife, Morgane, who, I don’t do any of this without her — certainly don’t get any of these without her,” he said.

Morgane is a co-producer on Stapleton’s latest Higher album, out on November 10. She also sang and played on much of the record, a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, who much prefers being away from the limelight.

“[Morgane] doesn’t like the attention necessarily, and she does it because I do it,” Stapleton said on Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “She likes to do it with me because I enjoy doing it. She would be very happy staying home and doing mom stuff. She likes music and she is very passionate about music, but some of the other things that are the work of music are not her favorite. But she’s invaluable as well, and she knows that as well, and we make sure that she knows that.

“That’s a hard thing for her to navigate sometimes, to be needed in so many places… we all know that she’s the boss in the room,” the “White Horse” singer added, ‘and if it doesn’t pass her, it’s not going to pass. That’s the way it goes.”

Stapleton and Morgane travel together, with their five children, when he is on the road. The family will have plenty of time together on tour next year, both with his own headlining All-American Road Show, and his dates  George Straitperforming in stadiums all over the country in 2024.

“I think I halfway talked him into working more, but I really enjoyed doing that,” Stapleton said of his 2024 tour dates with Strait. “I think it’s a good show to come to because George has ten million number ones, and people can watch all that, and what a great thing to get to watch. I love to be the opener for that. I love to walk out on stage and sing a few with George.

“It’s just a really fun show with me, and Little Big Town is usually on those shows, and they’re all friends, and it’s fun,” he remarked. “And so, I want to keep doing that as much as we can, and I keep talking George into it, so it’s good.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images for CMA