Cody Johnson Releases Romantic ‘The Painter’ Video [WATCH]

The video for Cody Johnson‘s Top 10 single, “The Painter,” is out! The singer-songwriter narrates the story of “The Painter” in the video, which features an appearance by his wife, Brandi, who inspired him to release the song.

“There’s always been start agains,’ Johnson told Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “In my music career, you get to the point where you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I’ve been traveling up and down the roads making $100 a night in a van and can’t afford to put gas in it.’ And she’s going, ‘Yes, you can. You left your steady job for a reason and yes, you can do it.’ And so it’s like you start again.”

Johnson acknowledges that being married to a musician isn’t easy, but says that they both do their part to make their marriage work, even amid the challenges.

“There have been times where we’ve had to stop, regroup with each other, and go, ‘Hey, we’re not going anywhere, so let’s just pick this stopping point right here,’” Johnson reflected. “‘Let’s start over and say, ‘We’re going to approach this together because we know that it’s what’s supposed to happen.” I think that that’s a very vulnerable line and also, it brings to light for me how a man should take the time to stop and recognize the fact that she can make you remember what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Much like in the video for “The Painter,” Johnson says it’s his wife who makes things work, both in his career and his personal life.

“She’s tougher than I am, but you kind of have to be a little tough if you’re going to be with me,” the father of two maintained. “It’s not all frills and rainbows. But she’s definitely the motor behind a lot of this, and I admit that. There are times where I come home and I’m like, ‘I am so overwhelmed. There’s so much going on, and it’s all good stuff. I’m releasing a record. I’m going out of the country to go play. We’re on this award show and we’re traveling to here, and I just can’t take it anymore.’ And she’s going, ‘Yeah, you can. You’re doing a great job.’”

“The Painter” is from Johnson’s latest Leather album. His The Leather Tour kicks off on Friday, January 19 in Sacramento, California. Find all of Johnson’s music and upcoming shows at