Cody Johnson Shares Details Of His Duet With Carrie Underwood

Cody Johnson is sharing more details about his upcoming duet with Carrie Underwood. The father of two previously revealed they had recorded a duet together, but even he admits it turned out better than he ever expected.

“I love Carrie’s music, but she wasn’t like — I don’t have her poster on my wall,” Johnson says (via iHeartCountry). “But when I heard this song, I heard her voice, and I just knew that it was going to work out. We had never sung together, so when we get in the room and we start singing together, it’s like family harmonies. The only way I can describe it is kind of like the way it was growing up, singing with my mom. It just instantly fits and it meshes.

“It’s really interesting to me, because my voice and her voice are really drastically different,” he continues. “But put together, they make a very, very unique sound. So I’m excited for it to come out. I’m not sure when it is. We’re kind of holding the ace card close to the sleeve.”

Johnson’s upcoming collaboration with Underwood will likely be on his forthcoming double album, Leather, which might include another guest artist as well. The former prison guard hints he is interested in singing with Jelly Roll, someone he respects as an artist and a person.

“We struggle with a lot of the same pressures of, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best husband, to try to be the best father, for our [bands], to try to be the best leader, to be the best performer…it’s almost like a blessing and a curse, because we put so much on ourselves,” Johnson says (via Taste of Country)..

“I relate to him, and he relates to me,” he adds. “We’re so opposite; you got the cowboy hat and the face tattoos. I think it’s just an opposites attract kind of thing.”

Johnson doesn’t have a release date for Leather, but he does say he is more proud of his next record than anything else he has ever done musically.

“This round of 24 songs I have to say is the best round of songs I have ever recorded, and I feel like that’s the way it should be,” Johnson tells Audacy’s KMLE Country 107.9. “Each album should outdo the last one. There’s some fun stuff, I think the theme of this new album is fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ballad or whether it’s tongue-in-cheek kind of fun. It all has to be fun, it all has to make you kind of want to move around and bob your head a little bit.”

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