Cody Johnson Teases New Video for ‘The Painter’ [WATCH]

A new video is coming from Cody Johnson! The Texan will release the official music video for “The Painter” on Friday, January 19.

Ahead of its release, Johnson teased a clip on social media.

The song, already in the Top 10, is from Johnson’s latest Leather album, out last November. Johnson chose to release “The Painter,” written by Kat Higgins, Benjy Davis, Ryan Larkins, in honor of his wife, Brandi.

“She’s tougher than I am, but you kind of have to be a little tough if you’re going to be with me,” Johnson said on Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen. “It’s not all frills and rainbows. But she’s definitely the motor behind a lot of this, and I admit that. There are times where I come home and I’m like, ‘I am so overwhelmed. There’s so much going, and it’s all good stuff.

“I’m releasing a record,” he continued. “I’m going out of the country to go play. We’re on this award show and we’re traveling to here, and I just can’t take it anymore.’ And she’s going, ‘Yeah, you can. You’re doing a great job.’”

If not for Brandi, Johnson says he would not have the career, or the life he has, giving her credit for a lot of what goes on behind the scenes.

“I have tried unintentionally – and intentionally – to build walls around myself a lot in my life because I’m a stubborn cowboy sometimes,” Johnson told People. “And she saw potential. She saw growth. She saw opportunity. She saw me before I saw me. And without her I wouldn’t be here …[‘The Painter’] was a great way for me to pay tribute to the real unsung hero.”

All of the dozen tracks on Leather, including “The Painter,” point to Johnson’s love of traditional country music, a lane he vows to stay in for his entire career.

“Throughout my career, I haven’t let what the format was putting on the radio cloud my vision for the genre,” Johnson told The Tennessean. “Now that I have a chance to guide the direction of country music’s mainstream future, there will be cowboy hats, value-driven story songs and the inspirations of Brooks & DunnGarth Brooks, Merle Haggard, George Jones and Reba McEntire involved.”

Johnson plans to release the second part of Leather later this year, with that record likely including his  long-awaited duet with Carrie Underwood. He will kick off his The Leather Tour on January 19 in Sacramento, California. Find music and tour dates at