Craig Campbell Celebrates New Chapter With ‘The Lost Files: Exhibit A’

Craig Campbell‘s first new album in nearly ten years is out now. The Lost Files: Exhibit A was released on Friday, February 17, filled with 16 songs that he has loved over the years, but was never able to release, until now. After time on two record labels, both the now-defunct Bigger Picture record company, as well as Broken Bow, Campbell decided to take matters into his own hands, and release The Lost Files: Exhibit A, on his own Grindstone Recordings.

The Lost Files, it alludes to the fact that it’s been in the oven for about eight years,” Campbell explained on Huckabee. “These are songs that I’ve recorded over the past eight years that, in one way you could look at it that they were recorded, done, ready to go, but the record label’s at the time, for one reason or another, didn’t want to put these songs out. So they just have been living on hard drives. And now that I’m an independent artist, I just felt like these were songs that I loved. They need to be released and get a chance to live.”

The Lost Files: Exhibit A includes “Tractor Songs,” penned by Walker Hayes, and one of only five songs Campbell didn’t write on the entire project, even though he wishes he had.

“Sometimes you hear songs on the radio and say ‘Man! That’s a hit! I wish I could cut that before they did,’” Campbell says. “All I can say is I’m glad I cut this before anyone else! Shoutout to Walker for sending this song to me first.”

When announcing The Lost Files: Exhibit A, the Georgia native said that the collection of songs was the most personal he had ever released, and the most authentic.

“This album has been a long time coming,” Campbell said at the time. “This collection of music is very special to me. I have been chomping at the bit to get this to my fans. These are songs that I love and believe in with all that I am. My fans fell in love with me when there was steel and fiddle on my records. I truly hate that I got away from that for a bit trying to chase something that wasn’t real, but I humbly admit, I am a work in progress.

“Not everyone is going to love this album, and I am ok with that,’ he adds. “However, THIS is the real me. Unfiltered, unapologetic, and from my heart.“

The Lost Files: Exhibit A also includes collaborations with Travis Tritt and Trea Landon, along with his own wife, Mindy, Purchase the record and find tour updates at