Dan + Shay Announce Release of ‘Save Me The Trouble’

Dan + Shay have new music coming out, this week. The duo, made up of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, announced the release of a new song, “Save Me The Trouble,” on Friday, July 14.

Dan + Shay announced the release of “Save Me The Trouble” with a clip of the song’s video, shared on social media.

Dan + Shay – Save Me The Trouble (Teaser)


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Posted by Dan + Shay on Tuesday, July 11, 2023


The video seems to illustrate what Dan + Shay recently opened up about, revealing that they went four months without speaking last year, and almost ended their professional partnership.

Mooney admits he was “feeling very sorry for myself place,” after their headlining The (Arena) Tour, which was delayed because of the pandemic, wrestling with their future, and his own personal fulfillment.

“I think that’s a lot of the reason why I was unhappy during our (Arena) Tour,” Mooney says. “We built this thing up in our head, and I was hanging so much of my happiness on the success of that (Arena) Tour, and even when it was successful, I got to that show, and then we would leave mad about something stupid. And it was because we put so much weight on that moment, that when it was over, what a downer.

“Especially at that point, I was drinking a lot,” he adds. “So those highs became really high, and the lows became really, really low.”

Fortunately, the two reconnected, and realized they had a lot more music they wanted to make, and things that they wanted to accomplish, together. Their newly-rebuilt relationship is evident in their forthcoming new record.

“I can feel the closeness of our relationship and our friendship when I listen back to the music,” Smyers says. “We are by far, a million times the closest we have ever been, for so many reasons. But because we worked at it, that makes what we’re doing now infinitely sustainable. I could do this the rest of my life with you.”

Dan + Shay are eager to share their next project with the rest of the world, and are excited about their next musical chapter, even if they aren’t sure exactly what that looks like yet.

“I don’t know where the destination is. I don’t know where we’re going,” Mooney says. “But the lessons that we learned along the way, it is the drive there. And I just think that the accumulation of this journey has really taken us to this point, because it’s changed our lives. Honestly, the process of this album completely changed our lives.”

Pre-save ‘Save Me The Trouble” here. In addition to releasing more music, Dan + Shay will also appear next year as the first co-coaches on The Voice, alongside Reba McEntire, John Legend and Chance the Rapper. Keep track of music and tour updates at DanandShay.com.