Jay DeMarcus, Joe Don Rooney Reunite In the Studio

Jay DeMarcus just teased something pretty big on social media. The singer-songwriter posted a photo of himself with his former Rascal Flatts  bandmate, Joe Don Rooney, on social media, revealing the two had been in the studio together.

“Hung out with this guy in the studio today!!” DeMarcus captioned the photo. “So good seeing [Joe Don Rooney]!!!”

While DeMarcus didn’t say why they were in the studio together, and their third bandmate, Gary LeVox, was absent, DeMarcus did say earlier this year that he doubted a Rascal Flatts reunion was ever going to happen, after COVID-19 derailed their plans for a farewell tour.

” We’re on totally different pages now. Of course, Joe Don went through his very public debacle a couple of years ago,” DeMarcus said on the Chrisley Knows Best podcast earlier this year, referring to Rooney’s arrest for DUI. “He’s better than I’ve heard him in ten years. He’s 19 months sober, and he’s enjoying having some peace and learning how to live again without his addiction, and so I’m really, really, really proud of him and where he’s at right now.

“There are just so many steps that would have to take place in order for us to get back to even talking about it … It’s not too late,” he added. “I think the further we get away from it the harder it is to put it back together.”

While Rooney hasn’t shared much of what he has done since the end of Rascal Flatts, DeMarcus has released his own music, while also helming his own Red Street Records label. LeVox has released both Christian and country music, working on his solo career, after spending two decades as one-third of the award-winning trio.

“I would want to say never say never,” DeMarcus said of plans for a possible reunion. “We’re in such different places right now and don’t really communicate on a consistent basis. Gary’s out doing his own thing, and I think he’s enjoying being the boss, calling the shots.

“I don’t begrudge him for that. It must be hard — I know it is, because I was in it too — but it’s hard to be the lead singer and have to consider other people’s opinions, because you have partners,” he continued. “I can’t imagine how liberating that must be for him to do things the way he wants to do it now.”

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