Jesslee Strikes a Balance With ‘Equilibrium,’ Out Now [EXCLUSIVE]

Jesslee gained a lot of fans when she appeared on Season 14 of The Voice in 2018, The singer-songwriter earned chair turns by both Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, the beginning of a now-soaring career, which has included plenty of concerts, TV appearances and more.

The Voice was one of those situations where, it’s TV. It was fun. I really enjoyed it,” Jesslee tells Everything Nash. “There were a few things that I got to learn, which was primarily for the first time being able to have vocal lessons. That was a really, really cool thing for me. Being able to really start learning how to hone in on a craft that I was kind of just raw at, at the time. It was my first time being able to do that, and I absolutely loved that part of it.”

Jesslee has been steadily working on her music career since her time on The Voice, persistence, and perseverance that is evident in her Equilibrium album, out now. The 12-song project came at the perfect time for Jesslee, who is continuing to pour all of herself into her music.

“I think I’m reaching a point in my life where I’m realizing that this dream is important, and it’s so important to go after your dreams,” the Florida native shares, adding that she was ready to give all of her time and attention to her music career.

“It’s been a wild journey, because I really also did a lot of self-searching in a lot of these song writes,” she adds, smiling. “Particularly ‘Small Town Go-Round.’ The whole song is about basically the feeling of me being homesick, and realizing every time I’d go home what it was that I was missing, I’d have this amazing milestone or something that would happen and I would still feel empty. I would legitimately still feel empty inside.”

It was in those moments that the beginning of Equilibrium was born, when Jesslee found her balance between pursuing her passion, while making time for her family, friends and loved ones as well.

“Realistically I learned that it was icing on the cake to having a real balanced personal life, and putting God and my family and my friends and everything first,” Jesslee reflects. “And when I really started feeling that balance, that’s when I feel like I started being more vulnerable and more honest with my writing. And those songs that I chose on this album were really when I was honing in and settling into my equilibrium. So I feel like it’s kind of the ode to the journey of exactly what that compilation of songs really is for me.”

Defining the songs on Equilibrium as “country-pop,” Jesslee is proud to toe the line between her two favorite genres of music, in a way that is unique and authentic to her, regardless of its definition.

“I’m a fan of music in general,” Jesslee explains. “I’m Italian. I say it like it is. You’ll always get me for exactly who I am. There’s no sugarcoating it. I just kind of fearlessly have always been coming out here and saying that I’m rooted in country. ‘Fading Tattoo’ even is a perfect example of a very forward-production song on there, but it’s a storyteller song. It is a country song. … And I just feel like that’s always kind of my example of exactly who I am.”

Jesslee openly admits she is very spiritual, and believes in manifesting what she wants to happen, in her music and her life. Still, with Equilibrium, Jesslee’s biggest goal is that the music will reach and help and empower other people.

“I have set expectations,” Jesslee maintains. “I manifest things, but I also really have settled into this beautiful part of my life where I allow God to pleasantly surprise me as well. When you really set what you want and then let it go, I feel like you open the universe and God to be able to do so much more than you even expected. And that’s kind of where I’m at. Mainly, more than anything, my goal in music, this album, anything in general is … to reach the people.

“And so long as I’m doing that, and I’m using my platform for good, that’s all that matters to me,” she continues. “That’s my main goal in the end. And whatever else God fills in those voids of what that means, whether it’s ultimate super stardom, or whatever that might be, I just want whatever’s in His plan.”

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