Jet Jurgensmeyer Talks New ‘Good Days’ Single, New Album + More [EXCLUSIVE]

Jet Jurgensmeyer is turning a new left with his new single. The singer, songwriter and actor just released “Good Days,” a song that is unlike anything he has released in the past.

“I’m excited for it, and I’m also nervous about it,” Jurgensmeyer tells Everything Nash. “It’s the first song off of the album that will be a heartbreak song, even though it’s called ‘Good Days,’ which is kind of fun because the last three have been ‘Falling To,’ ‘All I Need’ and ‘Coffee Bar,’ all happy, fun songs. ‘Good Days’ sounds like that, but then you listen to the lyrics, and it’s not.”

“‘Good Days’ is one of several songs on his upcoming new record, a deeply personal and honest one Jurgensmeyer can’t wait to share with the rest of the world.

“One thing I’m really excited for, for this album that ‘Good Days’ is a part of, that all these songs are a part of, is every single one of the songs is me,” Jurgensmeyer says. “It’s about me. It’s about things I’ve been through. What I would always say about the last album is, every one of them is either something myself or my co-writers have been through. It’s how we make the song personal to the audience. But that’s not the case with this album, because every one of them is not about my co-writers. They’re all about me.

“And so, I’m excited for people to hear my story about what I’ve been through, but I’m also excited for people to be able to relate to it,” he adds. “That’s what I love about being a songwriter and being an artist, is the storytelling aspect of being able to relate to the people that give me an opportunity to do this as a job.”

“‘Good Days’ follows “Coffee Bar,” an unexpected hit that Jurngesmeyer had no idea would be received so well by the rest of the world.

“‘Coffee Bar’ has done way more than I ever imagined,” shares the performer. “It’s being played in Europe on the radio, which I didn’t expect, because we didn’t even put it on the radio here, in the U.S. ‘Falling To’ was on the radio. So ‘Coffee Bar’ really did a lot. So did ‘All I Need,’ honestly. I was being put on playlists on Apple Music and Spotify, like Hot New Country that I had never been on before. That was a dream come true, and also terrifying at the same time.”

Jurgensmeyer has already amassed an impressive list of credits as an actor, including on the popular TV show, Last Man Standing. The 19-year-old, who will announce his new album soon, has big plans for his future, both in continuing as an actor and with plenty more music for his fans.

“I want to continue writing the most relatable songs for my audience, because I think the one thing that we lose is authenticity,” Jurgensmeyer reflects. “If you’re not being authentic with your audience, your audience is going to get bored with it. If you’re writing the same songs, your audience is going to get bored with it. So as I experience life, I’m going to continue to write songs about what I experience, because my audience is also experiencing life, and they’re going to know that I’m human. And I think something that’s really important for me is letting people know that they’re not alone in what they’re going through, because there are plenty of times in our life where we feel like we’re all alone.”

As Jurgensmeyer sees more and more fans connecting with his music, the rising star understands and appreciates the responsibility and honor that it is to be able to share music that resonates with others.

“I’m just a normal human that gets to write songs for a living, and put those songs out there,” Jurgensmeyer maintains. “There are plenty of people that don’t get that opportunity. So if I get to write songs about what I’m going through, and they’re going through the same thing, they’ll feel like, ‘Okay, there are other people out there. I’m not alone.’ … That’s what’s so special about music. And so, my goal is to hopefully do that, while there is still air in my lungs.”

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