Josh Turner Drops ‘Heatin’ Things Up’ As Debut Song From New Album [LISTEN]

New music is here from Josh Turner! The South Carolina native just released “Heatin’ Things Up,” the debut single from his next album. The song was written by Marv Green, Luke Laird and Brice Long.

“Heatin’ Things Up” cranks up the romantic thermostat, fusing a red-hot fiddle and smoldering sway to a bottomless vocal intro,” Turner says. “This song was kind of in the same vein as  ‘Your Man,’ but musically, it’s just very interesting. I went to the studio to track the song and when the first pass was over, [bassist] Glenn Worf said, ‘My God, that first note felt like you just had a load of gravel dumped on you!’ I can’t wait to see how fans react to that live.”

Turner performed the song at the Grand Ole Opry on April 20, when he also inducted Scotty McCreery as the next Opry member.

“Scotty’s not only a fine singer and a songwriter, but he’s a great man, great husband and now father,” Turner said as part of his tribute, when inducting McCreery. “I’m proud of him. I’m proud to know him, and I’m proud that he’s filling the shoes of those that have gone before him. With artists like him, country music is in great shape. Scotty, it is my distinct honor to say congratulations on officially becoming the newest member of the world-famous home of country music, the Grand Ole Opry.”

Turner released his Greatest Hits album in 2023. The 11-track record included  “Long Black Train,” “Would You Go With Me,” “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and more.

“Every album to me just kind of marks these just kind of milestones,” Turner said when the record was released “It kind of marks certain phases and periods that I went through and different times in my life with family, career, all kinds of different things that we’ve been through and experienced. After a while, when you start looking back and see all the records start piling up and different things that you’ve been able to do through two decades, it’s pretty staggering.”

Turner’s debut single, “She’ll Go With You,” was released in 2002. At the time, Turner could have never predicted how successful his career would become.

“When you start out in this business, you’re never guaranteed longevity,” Turner said. “I’m humbled and thankful that I’m still around making music and that I’ve done well enough for long enough to warrant releasing a Greatest Hits album.”

Turner is currently on his Greatest Hits Tour. A title or album release date has yet to be revealed. Find all of Turner’s music and upcoming shows at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MCA Nashville / David McClister