Keith Urban Joins Rita Ora on Inspirational ‘Shape of Me’ [LISTEN]

Keith Urban joined his good friend, Rita Ora, on a brand new song. The Grand Ole Opry member shared the news on social media, revealing he was thrilled to collaborate with the pop star on the inspirational “Shape of Me.”

“Rita Ora and I were coaches together for a couple of seasons on The Voice and clicked immediately,” Urban shared on social media. “She asked if I’d like to be a part of ‘Shape of Me’ and to no one’s surprise I asked if I could play guitar too. I love how it turned out and am so glad we finally found the right song to collaborate on!”

Rita Ora and I were coaches together for a couple of seasons on The Voice and clicked immediately. She asked if I’d like…

Posted by Keith Urban on Friday, January 26, 2024


Ora also spoke out about the song on social media, sharing the story behind the powerful tune.

“This version is really special, because Keith Urban is my friend,” Ora shared. “He is so, so, so talented. He’s a legend. I mean, come on, it’s Keith Urban, and I love, love, love him so much. He is surrounded by women. His daughters, his wife, and I think it was just a beautiful collab, because this song is about appreciating the women in your life, like my mom, my sister, or even yourself. It’s just really about showing that love for yourself, and understanding that telling somebody, ‘Thank you for shaping me,’ is also a huge blessing. So for me, this song is for my mom.

“It’s for my mother,” she continued. “I put it out for her 60th birthday, and she loves it, obviously. It’s her favorite song on the album. I really hope you enjoy the song. I really hope you can understand all of the lyrics, and you may also be able to play it to a loved one, and show them how much you appreciate them.”

Urban has plenty of new music this year, music he is eager to share with his fans.

“It’s so frustrating sitting on so much,” Urban recently told Access Hollywood. “It is a whole album of new music that I’m jonesing to get out, but it won’t be until early across mid to next year.”

In addition to working on a new record last year, Urban was also inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

“Being invited into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame is hands down one of the highest honors that’s ever happened to me,” Urban told his record label. “I’ve always loved writing songs. I’ve always loved great songwriters, and, this is a songwriting town. I mean, first the song always. The song is the very first thing. To be in this group, this incredible group of songwriters is a bit surreal. Honestly, it’s probably still sinking in.”

“Shape of Me” is from Ora’s latest You & I album, released in July. Download or stream the song here.