Keith Urban Performs ‘Messed Up As Me’ on ‘The Voice’ [WATCH]

Keith Urban returned to The Voice to perform his current single, “Messed Up As Me.” The New Zealand native, who served as Mega Mentor for this season, returned for the first part of the two-night season finale.

Urban was thrilled to join The Voice for part of the season. especially after lending his talents to other reality TV talent shows throughout his career.



“Just getting good advice and honest advice was something I really loved and needed, so it was a no-brainer when I got asked to do it,” Urban told UMG Nashville. “The first one I got asked to do was be a coach on The Voice in Australia on their first season, and I did it. I loved it. Then I did quite a few seasons of American Idol, as a judge on American Idol, and loved it.”

In addition to “Messed Up As Me,” which is currently in the Top 25, the father of two has also released “Straight Line” and “Go Home W U,” the latter a duet with Lainey Wilson.

“I wrote ‘Go Home W U’ in 2020 with BRELAND, Sam [Sumser] and Sean [Small)]” Urban said, sharing the story behind the song. “We had a blast writing it. It started out as a late-night drum loop, I grabbed a bass guitar and started playing a simple recurring bass line. Before we knew it, we were writing a chorus that could be sung by any drunk person in any bar anywhere in the world.”

“Messed Up As Me,” “Straight Line” and “Go Home W U” are all part of Urban’s highly-anticipated new album, one he can’t wait to share with the rest of the world.

“We’ll keep working our way towards a release date later this year, but I’m psyched to get it out,” Urban recently told People. “It’s been a very unique journey putting all these songs together and shaping the record. And in a lot of ways, the record shaped itself. It had an energy and momentum of its own that I just started following. And I can’t put that into any other way, but that’s kind of what happened is that it felt like the record told me where to go and how to make it. It’s wild.”

Although Urban has yet to announce a tour, part of his excitement about his next record is the ability to play the songs live, which he will do when he embarks on his HIGH in Vegas residency in Las Vegas, which begins on October 4.

“I have a lot of hope,” Urban explained. “And I think my calling has always been inclusivity in what I do. It’s certainly always been that way playing live in concert. My calling is to bring all these different kinds of people together and become one for a couple of hours. And it’s an amazing thing as a musician to be able to get to do that because even a sporting event splits the audience in two.

“But as musicians,” he added, “we get to bring the most opposing kinds of people together who maybe only agree on this one thing, which is these songs in this moment.”

Urban will also perform at Nissan Stadium during CMA Fest. Find all of Urban’s music and upcoming shows at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NBC