Kelsey Hart Reflects on Success of ‘Life With You,’ Talks New Album [EXCLUSIVE]

Kelsey Hart has a hit single at radio now, with “Life With You.” Hart wrote the song about his now-wife, unaware that the song would become a No. 1 single for him, with footage from his own wedding used in the video.

“‘Life With You,’ I wrote it about three years ago, and it was before my wife and I got married,” Hart tells Everything Nash. “It wasn’t originally written to be the wedding song, but fast forward a few years, and we got engaged. She wanted it to be our first dance song, and so, it was. We put the song out, just our wedding video, and it just started hitting. The song, we weren’t even going to put it out right away, and then that started happening, and we quickly got the song upgraded and put it out.”

Fortunately, Hart’s wife was thrilled to feature their wedding in the video for the song, out now.

“What you see in the background on the green screen, that’s our official wedding video,” Hart explains. “And then, we’re just in front of it, and they have the wedding playing behind it.”

Music comes naturally to Hart, even though that wasn’t what he pursued immediately after high school.

“It started in church,” Hart says. “I grew up singing gospel music…I got away from singing as much throughout middle school and high school. It wasn’t until right out of school, I went to barber school. I was sitting around, not very busy in the barbershop, as a new barber, and that’s when I picked up the guitar. I always listened to country music, but I really didn’t start playing until I was probably around 19 or 20, playing and singing. I’d always sing a little bit, but that’s where it started.”

After gaining notoriety by playing in his barbershop, Hart started a garage band, which played in and around their local community, before moving to Nashville in 2016. “Life With You” is part of a new record Hart just wrapped up, which he says fans can expect in the near future.

“We just finished the album, and it’s going to be coming out sometime later this year,” Hart reveals. “I can tell you that there’s going to be 16 songs on it, and it is going to include some of the songs that we have already put out and released, and there should be an additional eight. I’ve written most of it. There are a few outside songs.”

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