Lainey Wilson Releases ‘Out of Oklahoma’ From ‘Twisters’ Film [WATCH]

Lainey Wilson‘s song and video from the upcoming Twisters film are both out now. The Louisiana native released “Out of Oklahoma” ahead of the July 19 release date of the album and film.

Twisters is about a woman named Kate Carter, a former storm chaser. Wilson spoke about the song and video on social media, and the ironic parallels they have to her own life right now, especially as she readies the release of her new Whirlwind record.

“’Out of Oklahoma,’ my new song and video for the Twisters Movie is out now,” Wilson writes. “It’s wild how life throws a theme at you ain’t it.  My life the past few years has felt like a twister…hence why I titled my new album Whirlwind.  So when I got the opportunity to write a song for the new Twisters movie, it was a challenge I couldn’t pass up.

“Reading Kate’s story,” she continues, “I found a lot of parallels between our lives. We’re both chasing wild and crazy careers, but they make us feel something and give us a sense of home.”


“Out of Oklahoma” my new song and video for the Twisters Movie is out now.

It’s wild how life throws a theme at you…

Posted by Lainey Wilson on Thursday, June 20, 2024


Whirlwind will be released on August 23. The record encapsulates Wilson’s life over the last couple of years, including sold-out tour dates, hit singles, multiple awards and more.

“I am so excited to finally announce Whirlwind,” Wilson said when revealing the new project. “This album has been a long time coming, and I can’t wait for the world to have this body of work in their hands soon. This new chapter of music is the most cathartic and personal piece of art I’ve ever made. I hope this record brings some peace to your whirlwind and wraps its arms around you like it did for me.”

Wilson was also recently inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, fulfilling a dream she held since she was nine years old.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry / Chris Hollo


“Tonight, it feels like the biggest night of my life,” Wilson said during her induction ceremony. “We’ve had a crazy couple of years, and all of the awards and everything. But this right here is the highest honor for me. It feels like that stamp of approval from everyone that has stood right here, and it just lights another fire under my butt.”

 Luke Combs already has a Top 15 hit with “Ain’t No Love In Oklahoma,” from the Twisters soundtrack. Other artists appearing on the soundtrack include Jelly RollAlexandra KayKane BrownShania TwainThomas RhettMegan Moroney. Pre-order the soundtrack at

Wilson is currently headlining Country’s Cool Again Tour. She has a Top 20 hit with  “Hang Tight Honey,” the debut single form Whirlwind. Find all of Wilson’s music and upcoming shows, and pre-order Whirlwind, at

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