Lonestar Honors Memorial Day With Reimagined ‘I”m Already There’ [WATCH]

A new version of the Lonestar classic, “I’m Already There,” is out now. The song, originally released in 2001, was the title track of the group’s fifth studio album. Gary Baker and Frank Myers wrote “I’m Already There” with Richie McDonald, Lonestar’s former lead singer. The new version of the song is from Lonestar’s forthcoming new Ten To 1 album, out on June 2.

“We just wanted to add a different emotional context of the song,” founding band member Dean Sams tells People. “We’ve just gotten better at putting our hearts out there all the way instead of ‘playing this just right or whatever.’ It’s more of a feeling and an emotion as opposed to just playing the part.”

While Lonestar is thrilled with the reimagined version of “I’m Already There,” the group made sure to not alter the sound from the original recording too much.

“It’s so identifiable when it comes on the radio that you don’t want to just completely reimagine it, because it would really tick a lot of people off,” drummer Keech Rainwater explains. “That’s always been my take on it. Once it gets to be that big of a song, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. People want to hear it like they’re used to hearing it. Even though it’s a new version of it, I still think that they want the same kind of feeling that they got when they first heard it.”

In the lyric video for the new “I’m Already There,” Lonestar reveals that they dedicate the song to the military each night they perform it live.

The song gained new prominence when American Idol contestant Kaylin Hedges used the song during her audiiton, and was surprised by her father, Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey Hedges, who was serving in the Army overseas.

“My phone just blew up as soon as it aired,” Sams recalls. “Seeing that girl sing, ‘I’m Already There’ and put her own stamp on it was so neat. I loved seeing how our music could be a connecting point for this young girl and her dad who served our country.”

It was just very emotional to see,” he adds. “That’s the great thing about music. It can make people feel a certain way.”


When Lonestar originally released “I’m Already There,” it was a response to their busy touring schedules, and missing their families back home. But the song took on an entirely new meaning after the tragedy of September 11.

“All these people were being deployed overseas for yearlong deployments, which was kind of unheard of before that,” recalls Lonestar’s Michael Britt. “It just connected them and we couldn’t be happier about it, because we’d always tried to do things with the troops. Any kind of benefit that we could do, we always did. It was a perfect fit for us to just move into playing shows for our troops.”

Since then, performing “I”m Already There” is a highlight of their live shows, for all of the Lonestar members.

“To see some of the strongest, most brave, tough-as-they-come people just have tears streaming down their face and holding their fists up in the air and singing every word, there’s something magical and bonding about it,” says Sams. “You don’t really know what their story is exactly, but there’s a warm feeling because you know you’ve touched them in a way, but there’s also a sad feeling because you don’t want to see anyone hurting. Hopefully, these are tears of joy, not tears of sadness.”

Lonestar is spending much of the next few months on the road. Find a list of all their upcoming shows, download or stream “I’m Already There,” and pre-order Ten to 1, at LonestarNow.com.