Luke Bryan Opens Up About Balancing Fatherhood With Fame

Luke Bryan might be one of the most famous artists in country music right now, but when it comes to his 15-year-old son, Bo, and 13-year-old son, Tate, he is just another dad, albeit a fun one.

“To them, I’m just Dad,” Bryan tells People. “I never will forget for Father’s Day, my 15-year-old, he goes, ‘Happy Father’s Day, Dad, to the guy that has more fun than anybody.’ I loved that quote.”

Unfortunately for Bryan, his sons have found out plenty about their father, thanks to Google, which has led to some important conversations about the power and price of fame.

“They totally understand it now when they start Googling Dad’s accomplishments and reading all the chatter about what the net worth of all this is,” Bryan, who shares parenting duties with Caroline, his wife of 16 years, says. “You have to sit down and really clarify a lot of stuff with them. Tate understands that Dad could probably make a call to a rollercoaster park and get some fast passes to get on the rollercoaster, but we send them on trips that they have to wait in line — it’s just balancing.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/linabryan3


Although he sells out large venues and has sold millions of albums, his accomplishments pale in comparison to what his children really want: quality time with their dad.

“They don’t know any different,” the “Southern and Slow” singer reveals. “When I get home, they don’t care. They don’t care if I’ve sold out ten shows or whatever. They just want to go hang with Dad and do boy and father-son dad stuff. And it’s special when we can all do it together.”

Bryan’s boys enjoy time outdoors with their father, but one thing they haven’t shown a lot of interest in right now is following in his musical footsteps, at least not yet.

“Bo and Tate, they’re not really into [music] right now, but when they come to me and they’re like, ‘Dad, I really want to learn some music,’ I’ll take the time to sit down with them and have fun,” the 47-year-old shares. “But for the most part, I just want them to be their own identity. I want them to have their own differences and their own little paths and I don’t want them to be in some monstrous shadow of me.”

Although the family might live a lot of their lives in the public eye, their parents’ primary goal is that both Bo and Tate are polite and kind, especially with others.

“The main thing is just, we tried to raise [them with] respectful, gentlemanly manners and we feel like they’re all of that,” Bryan boasts. “So when we get complimented on their manners and their politeness, we’re really proud about that.”

Bryan is currently on his Country On Tour, although he has had to cancel a few dates due to vocal problems