Nashville Community Rallies Around Roy’s Meat Service Amid Lawsuit

Roy’s Meat Service is in the middle of a fierce legal battle, but they have the Nashville community on their side. The popular East Nashville eatery is being sued by a neighbor, who moved in long after Roy’s Meat Service was in business, and then sued the beloved restaurant because she dislikes the smell of meat, calling the property a nuisance.

The legal battle has rallied those in Music City, both longtime patrons and new customers, determined to keep Roy’s Meat Service in business. the owner, Jeff Roy, has already spent more than $20,000, both on renovations to appease the disgruntled neighbor, and in fighting the legal battle to keep the family restaurant in business.

A GoFundMe has been established to help Roy fight the lawsuit. to date raising more than $32,000.

“Despite the constant humility and generosity shown by the Roy Family, they have found themselves at the center of an egregious lawsuit, and victims of constant harassment that has greatly impacted their financial situation,” a statement on the GoFundMe page says in part.

“Although Jeff would never ask for help, there have been countless individuals ask how they can help Jeff and Roy’s Meat Service during this time,” the statement continues. “We have created a GoFundMe to alleviate the financial stress placed upon Jeff, help cover the increasing legal fees, and the costs of constant repairs and renovations made necessary to Roy’s business.”

Although Roy cannot speak to the GoFundMe or pending litigation, he is a proud pillar of the Nashville community, and has been for decades. His grandfather delivered ice in Nashville, and was also a Purity milkman, while his father ran a local convenience store called Main Street Market. Roy was selling wholesale meat when the opportunity to buy the property where Roy’s Meat Service is located became available.

“As we were struggling to stay in the competitive wholesale meat business, this little store came up for sale, and I told my wife, ‘We just got to get this store so we can carry on the family legacy of serving this community,’” Roy told Everything Nash earlier this year.

Even among the legal woes, Roy is committed to making Roy’s Meat Service the best it can be, if only to serve those in the local neighborhood and beyond.

“I could see us growing into a bigger place with more seating, and more shelf space,” Roy said. “But since the 2020 tornado hit, I witnessed the need for this store to provide the goods that this community needs. We were able to open the store and run off generators to provide the needs of these neighbors. After the tornado, when all the big stores were closed, then COVID hit.”

“With us being in the wholesale meat business, we were able to reach out to some of the smaller packing houses that didn’t have to close, and we were able to keep meat on the shelf when the big stores couldn’t,” he added. “So I don’t see us going anywhere. We’re staying where we are to serve their needs.”

Roy’s Meat Service is located at 605 South 19th Street. Donate to the GoFundMe here. A fundraiser is also being held on Saturday, March 16, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. More information is available below.

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