National Barbecue Day: 5 Places to Celebrate in Nashville

It’s National  Barbecue Day, and there might not be a better place to celebrate than in Nashville, Tennessee. The city, already becoming known as a prime destination for its dining experiences, boasts some of the best places to eat barbecue in the country. Keep reading to find five of our favorites.

1. Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s Bar-B-Que has a very diverse and plentiful menu, with plenty of options featuring brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey, pork and even catfish and shrimp. With numerous choices,  with everything from platters to sandwiches and nachos, Edley’s truly has something for everyone, Bonus: they also offer a sampler to feed an entire family. Don’t miss the fried pickles, with just the right amount of heat.

Edley’s just relocated from its former East Nashville location to the popular Five Points neighborhood, and will soon open its first location in Williamson County.

Multiple locations

2. Martin’s BBQ Joint

Martin’s BBQ Joint began in West Tennessee, but when owner, Pat Martin, relocated to Nashville, it didn’t take long for residents and tourists to become enthralled by all of the restaurants menu items. From their sandwiches, including the Big Ole Smoked Bologna, to their burgers, BBQ trays (complete with two sides) and more, everything is made in-house, including Martin’s sauces and sides.

Thanks to their flavorful take on barbecue, and Martin’s insistence on keeping everything homemade, Martin’s BBQ Joint has several restaurants throughout Nashville, as well as locations in South Carolina, Kentucky and Alabama as well.

Note: arrive earlier in the day for the best selection, as some items do sell out.

Multiple locations

3. Peg Leg Porker

Peg Leg Porker bases their entire menu on big flavors, and big portions. The family-owned restaurant, started in 2013, offers all of the usual fare, plus truly unique items, like Memphis Sushi (sliced Kielbasa sausage and cheddar cheese with a dry rub, served with saltines), Kool-Aid Pickles, Pork Rinds and more. Bonus: their prices are also affordable, with the lunch special — a BBQ sandwich, side and a drink — for under $13.

903 Gleaves St, Nashville, TN 37203

4. Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse

Bar-B-Cutie has multiple locations in Tennessee, Georgia and Texas, but they still have a hometown feel, and with good reason. Each Bar-B-Cutie location is individually owned by someone in the community, with five in and around Nashville. With a mantra that says “Seriously Smoked Meats,” Bar-B-Cutie lives up to the words, with generously-sized platters of a variety of meats, or a sampler if you can’t decide, which comes with two sides.

Not in a barbecue mood? Bar-B-Cutie also offers roast beef, roast turkey, hambuger steak and more. Bar-B-Cutie’s menu also includes salads, nachos, chili, stuffed potatoes and of course, banana pudding for dessert.

5. Whitt’s Barbecue

Whitt’s Barbecue has 20 locations in and around Nashville, a testament to their incredible food. Started in 1978, their food has remained consistent, as their fanbase continues to grow. Whitt’s Barbecue offers all of the usual barbecue fare, including sandwiches and platters available in pork, turkey and chicken, plus family packs, which includes meat, pint-sized sides, and an eight-pack of buns. On a budget? Whitt’s pork sandwich is less than $5.

Multiple locations