Nearest Green Distillery: A Must-See Historical Tennessee Destination

Nearest Green Distillery, located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, provides history to one of Tennessee’s oldest industries: whiskey. Nearest Green Distillery is named after Nearest Green, the man credited with teaching the now-famous Jack Daniel his distilling techniques.

Guests at the 432-acre Nearest Green Distillery have the option to take an informative, hour-long tour, covering the distillery’s expansive property, which also houses horses, and boasts a gift shop, two restaurants and more. The tour explores the rich and diverse story of Green, a former slave turned distiller, while also celebrating the important historical role women had in the whiskey industry.

For those 21 and older, the tour concludes with a tasting opportunity, featuring five whiskeys, all with different notes and flavors.


Humble Baron, one of the two restaurants as part of the Nearest Green Distillery, holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest bar in the world, measuring 518 feet, with 202 bar stools. Their menu includes their famous Smokehouse Bloody, their take on a Bloody Mary, made with BBQ sauce and whiskey.

In addition to a full bar, with plenty of hand-crafted cocktail options, Humble Baron also has unique menu items, such as their Tennessee Butter Lobster Roll and Short Rib Ragout.

Also on the Nearest Green Distillery property is Barrel House BBQ, offering authentic BBQ and other items. Their diverse menu includes sandwiches, nachos, and plates — two meats, plus Texas toast and two sides. The portions are generous and the price is very affordable — a win-win.

Aside from the restaurants, both whiskey connoisseurs and teetotalers will enjoy the experience Nearest Green Distillery offers. Their whiskey, currently the fastest-growing in the United States, with a 3000 percent increase in sales since they launched in 2017 (per Men’s Journal).

With history, decadent food and educational resources, Nearest Green Distillery is a place for both locals and tourists to visit, again and again. They also have some items available online. Their spirits remain on Best Of lists all over the world, while the owners continue to work to expand and innovate.

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