Russell Dickerson Says New Album Will ‘Change the Game’ For Him

New music is coming from Russell Dickerson, and soon. The country music hitmaker, whose sophomore Southern Symphony album was released in 2020, hints that a massive, very personal project from him will soon be released.

“I like to speak positivity, and I don’t speak from a cocky place, but this is the album that will change the game,” Dickerson tells CMT. “Every single song, I just can’t stop listening to. I’m just so happy and proud of each one.”

Dickerson reveals that his new set of tunes has 15 songs, and will be released by the end of the year, although what it will be called is still undecided.

“The album is done and finalized,” Dickerson says. “My manager thinks it should be a self-titled album. I don’t know what it will be called yet, but that’s pretty badass.”

Dickerson also recently announced plans to embark on his She Likes It Tour with Drew Green. The tour will kick off in November, only a month after he wraps up his All Yours, All Night Tour. While some artists might want, or need, a longer break, Dickerson isn’t like other artists.

“We all got struggles to deal with. I feel like my spot on this earth is to bring happiness, joy, and light with my music,” Dickerson says “My number one passion about this whole thing is the live shows. I want everybody to go to a different place. I want the show to be so good that it feels like a distraction.”

Dickerson spent part of the year serving as the opening act on Tim McGraw‘s McGraw Tour 20222. The Tennessee native learned a lot by touring with McGraw, although he won’t necessarily carry everything from that tour into his own.

“He wakes up, does cardio, stretches, and then a few hours later does another. Then we do our hour-long group workout. That’s his third workout of the day – it’s next level,” Dickerson says with a laugh. “We had a lot of media and radio stuff we had to do. He would be like, ‘Where the hell were you yesterday…busy?’ and I was like, ‘Dude I’m trying to build my career here. You’re just flying off into the sunset and working out eight hours a day.'”

Dickerson is currently enjoying a Top 25 hit with “She Likes It,” his collaboration with Jake Scott. The song is from his next album. Find music and tour dates at