Scotty McCreery Has a Gospel Song On His New Album: ‘It’s Important’

Scotty McCreery‘s new album will include a gospel song. The 29-year-old wanted to embrace his faith, which guides everything he does, and hints there might someday be an entire project focused on his spirituality.

“I would love to make a gospel record,” McCreery told Everything Nash and other outlets at a recent media event. “I think one of my favorite Elvis records was his gospel record. One of my heroes growing up was Josh Turner. As a lot of folks know, he just got a chance to make a gospel record. So, it’s a goal of mine. I’m not sure if that will be five years, ten years, but it’s a goal of mine to be able to do that. I grew up singing gospel songs in church. We just recorded a gospel song to go on the record. That’s what we ended the whole day with, so it’s something that’s important to me.”

McCreery wrote the faith-based tune with Monty Criswell, Jeremy Bussey and Brent Anderson, which McCreery says is for anyone who is struggling, in any area of their life.

“It’s just about how, every answer you need is right there in the Good Book, in the Bible,” the North Carolina native explained. “I try to dive in and read the Word as best as I can. I’m like everybody who wishes they could do more, but it’s just that kind of song. ‘Hey, if life is going here, if life is going there,’ it applies to those right there. It’s a special song. I loved it when we were writing it. I love how it’s come out in the studio. I think folks will enjoy it.”

The father of one makes his faith a priority in his day-to-day life as best as he can, which he admits can be a struggle with his busy tour schedule.

“Faith, family, friends. Faith, how we stay with it — I try to do my daily devotions,” McCreery acknowledged. “I can’t say it’s every day, but I try. And then on Sundays, if I’m home, we go to Summit Church in Raleigh, which you can log on and watch on YouTube … It’s a little tougher when you work on weekends to actually get to church and be there. But we do try. It’s important. You have to keep it in the center part of your life.”

Although he hasn’t revealed many details about his next record, McCreery does say he is doing something a little different than any of his previous albums.

“I’m pumped about this thing,” McCreery told Everything Nash. “It’s a little different for me, a touch. I feel like a lot of my other records were very autobiographical. This one has a couple of those songs. There’s a song for Avery. There’s a song for Gabi. But we’re kind of going in some different directions on this record. Some heartbreak, and some breakup songs. Some honky-tonking songs, and stuff I really haven’t done before on records.

“But I grew up loving those kinds of songs, so we just kind of let the guitar take us to where it wanted to when we were writing these songs, and this is where we ended up,” he added

McCreery’s debut single from his next record, “Cab In A Solo,” is in the Top 40 and climbing. He has plenty of fall tour dates, which include a run with rising star, Dylan Schneider. Find all of McCreery’s music and upcoming shows at

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