Tanya Tucker Is Still Processing Her Country Music Hall of Fame Induction

Tanya Tucker still can’t quite believe that she will soon become a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. The 64-year-old will be inducted later this year, alongside Patty Loveless and Bob McDill, although Tucker admits hasn’t fully processed the honor.

“Maybe in ten or 15 years I’ll be, ‘Wow, man, that’s pretty cool,'” Tucker reflects to Apple Music Country’s Trailblazers Radio with Fancy Hagood. “But my first thought was, ‘God, I wish my dad was here.’ Then the second one was, ‘I wish Billy Sherrill was here. I wish Jerry Crutchfield was here.’ Those are the three people that were very instrumental in my life, in my career, in my music. It takes a lot of people. It takes somebody to put me there.

“And it wasn’t just me,” she continues. “It wasn’t just my producers. It wasn’t just people that do the PR … It was the people that buy the records, and the people that come to my shows. That’s the people that are important.”

Tucker will be inducted into the Veterans Era Artist category. When the news was announced, she credited her father with a lot of her success, even though he wasn’t always supportive of her dreams.

“The first time I was ever at the Hall of Fame here in Nashville was in 1967,” Tucker recalled at the time. “My daddy brought me from Wilcox, Arizona to make some demos. We were down at a studio somewhere on [Music Row]. And being a nine-year-old kid, I kept saying, ‘Daddy, I wanna go to the Grand Ole Opry. I wanna go to the Grand Ole Opry.’ And of course, my dad probably had 20 bucks in his pocket, trying to figure out a way we were going to get back to Wilcox, Arizona. And finally, he got mad, and he said, ‘Okay, I’m going to take you to the Grand Ole Opry.’”

Tucker’s father took her to the Grand Ole Opry, but also gave her harsh words, words that fueled her determination to ultimately prove him wrong.

“He said to me, ‘You’re never going to be in the Hall of Fame. You’re never going to make it,’” Tucker recounted. “He was trying to tell me I gotta work a little harder. I remember that so well. I kind of just figured that’s the way it was going to be, because my Daddy was always right. … I made a lot of decisions when I was a kid. I want to thank my dad. My dad was the reason I’m here to do anything. He was my first believer. But my second believer was Billy Sherrill. He was a little left of center, and thank God he was, because I don’t think anyone else would have listened to me at 13.”

Tucker’s latest album, Sweet Western Sound, was released in June. Find all of Tucker’s music and upcoming shows at TanyaTucker.com.