Tim McGraw Announces New Album, Drops ‘Hey Whiskey’ [LISTEN]

Tim McGraw has a new song out, and a new album on the way. The 56-year-old released “Hey Whiskey,” a song he teased earlier in the week, and announces the release of Standing Room Only, 13 songs out on August 25.

McGraw announced the news on social media.

“#StandingRoomOnly THE ALBUM coming August 25th!!” says the singer. “13 songs. And we just released a new song ‘Hey Whiskey’ available everywhere now. I can’t wait to share this whole project with you…. pre-order bundles available for a limited time at timmcgraw.com!”

#StandingRoomOnly THE ALBUM coming August 25th!! 13 songs. And we just released a new song “Hey Whiskey” available…

Posted by Tim McGraw on Thursday, June 22, 2023


Standing Room Only follows McGraw’s 2020 Here on Earth album. The Louisiana native is confident in his next set of tunes, which features songs by Craig Wiseman, Drake Milligan, the Warren Brothers, Lori McKenna and more.

“As an artist, I always want to dig deeper and get better every time I make a new record – it’s a big part of what drives me, and I really believe this is one of the best projects we’ve made,” McGraw states. “I’ve been working on this album since 2020, and this collection of songs are some of the most emotional, thought-provoking, and life-affirming music I’ve ever recorded.

“I’m excited to have ‘Hey Whiskey’ out so fans can start hearing more of what we’re working on – and maybe even more before August,” he hints.

“Standing Room Only,” the album’s title track, is already in the Top 15 and climbing. McGraw previously said that he was eager for fans to hear the entire project

“There are a couple of really life-affirming songs that I can’t wait for everybody to hear,” McGraw previously revealed on Audacy’s Katie & Company. “One called ‘Letter From Heaven’ that really just tears me up every time I hear it. You’re gonna have to have a Kleenex for that one. But there are some fun songs too.”

McGraw hints that Standing Room Only will have serious songs, fun songs, and songs that are a nod to his love of traditional country music.

“There are some really good, sort of throwback country things on this that I really enjoy doing, and got into my George Strait vein a little bit,” he says. “There’s a good mixture of stuff. I always try to do that with every album. I never want to just have one style of song on the album. I want to give you sort of a smorgasbord to choose from.”

Standing Room Only will be McGraw’s 17th studio album. As he has done with many of his previous projects, the father of three relies on his wife, Faith Hill, to help him narrow down songs for a record.

“Faith is always my first set of ears that hears everything,” McGraw says, adding that he also plays songs for his daughters, with a slightly less favorable response. “They’ll tell me when they don’t like it. And we don’t always agree. And Faith and I don’t always agree either on songs, but she’s always a great sounding board.”

See a track list for Standing Room Only below. All of McGraw’s music and upcoming shows can be found at TimMcGraw.com.

Standing Room Only Tracklist:

1. Hold On To It, (Ryan Larkins, Seth Mosley, Jimmy Yeary)
2. Standing Room Only,  (Tommy Cecil, Patrick Murphy, Craig Wiseman)
3. Paper Umbrellas,  (Monty Criswell, Drake Milligan)
4. Remember Me Well,  (Heather Morgan, Jimmy Robbins)
5. Hey Whiskey,  (Brad Hutsell, Joel Hutsell, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
6. Her,  (Jason Gantt, Tim Nichols, Jimmy Yeary)
7. Fool Me Again,  (Kameron Marlowe, Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Rob Williford)
8. Small Town King, (Jaren Johnston, Jenn Schott, Jeremy Stover)
9. Beautiful Hurricane,  (Mike Lane, Tony Lane)
10. Cowboy Junkie,  (Bill Luther, Lance Miller, Justin Weaver)
11. Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee, (Featuring Lori McKenna),  (Tim McGraw, Lori McKenna, Bob Minner)
12. Some Songs Change Your World,  (Mark Irwin, Josh Kear, Lance Miller)
13. Letter From Heaven, (Chase McGill, Lori McKenna, Parker Welling)