Todd Tilghman Covers a Dolly Parton Easter Classic [WATCH]

Todd Tilghman is giving his fans an early Easter present. The former pastor shared a cover of him singing the song “He’s Alive,” written by Don Francisco, and included on Dolly Parton‘s 1989 White Limozeen album.

Tilghman shared his version of the gospel tune on social media.

“I made an Easter surprise but I’m no good at keeping surprises!” Tilghman captioned the video. “Cover of one of my many Dolly Parton favorites!”

The surprise Easter song comes as Tilghman is enjoying success with his current single, “PB&J.” Tilghman wrote the song with Michael Farren and Lance Carpenter.

“I said, ‘Man, I got a song called ‘PB&J,’ and in my mind, the song was a goofy, stupid song,” the Season 18 winner of The Voice recently told Everything Nash. “It was a song about the alarm clock didn’t go off …you set your alarm for PM instead of AM, you just rush out of bed, and you eat breakfast in the car and everybody’s forgetting their backpacks. You wear two different color shoes, and you rush to school and work and practice and recital and all the things. And by the time you go to bed at night, you’re just surviving on PB&J. That was the idea.”

Tilghman might have originally intended the song to be humorous, but it didn’t take long for the three writers to realize they had something entirely different on their hands.

“It did not go goofy, stupid, scrambling through the day,” Tilghman recalled “In the room that day, it was a really very special day for me … It was a really special, emotional day that day writing the song, because we ended up just talking about all the things that come in between the things, because I think that’s the part of life that we tend to overlook.”

Once Tilghman realized the direction “PB&J” was heading, the father of eight wanted to make sure the song was full of grace for struggling parents, an important and timely message he felt compelled to share.

“It became really important to us — I actually was saying, at our house, sometimes Lunchables become Dinnerables,” Tilghman explained. “And that made it into the second verse. So, it became important to also point out that, I realize that you probably think you’re not doing that great of a job because you’re looking at social media … You’re looking at everyone’s highlight reel, and maybe even how your parents might have done it, and some of the things that you think they did well that maybe you’re not so great at.

“We started wanting to point out that you’re probably doing better than you think,” he added. “In your mind, you might think you’re failing, but I guarantee you’re doing better than you think, just because you love them. And that’s what the song is, that we are teaching these kids that they can dream and achieve. But, but it’s not always in the big moments that those lessons are learned. It’s in the not-so-big moments.”

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