Trisha Yearwood Conquers Her Songwriting Fear, Works On a New Album

Trisha Yearwood is known as one of the greatest singers, of all time, but she has made a career for herself by recording other people’s songs. Now, the 58-year-old reveals hse is working on new music — and writing at least some of the songs herself.

When Yearwood was getting started in her music career, she was told, while still a teenager, that she had a good voice, but she was not a good songwriter. It was an unfortunate proclamation that stuck with Yearwood for the next nearly four decades.

“I’ve let it be true, but not anymore,” Yearwood tells CMT.  “It’s still hard for me, but I’m doing it. I’m always nervous when I go, but I get a little less nervous every time. It’s just been really good. I’m so excited about it.”

It was her husband, Garth Brooks, and renowned songwriter, Leslie Satcher, who convinced Yearwood to give writing another try.

“She’s like, ‘Girl, every time we get together, I think you’ve got something to say,'” Yearwood says. “So, I finally said, ‘Okay, I’ll do this with you, but I’m really nervous.'”

Once Yearwood started trying her hand at writing, she realized it was something she enjoyed, and wanted to keep doing, again and again.

“Your 19-year-old self locks it in there so anytime someone would ask me about writing and something has happened in the last year, and it’s like, ‘I’m not gonna be afraid to give it a shot,'” the Food Network star says.

One of the songs Yearwood helped write is deeply personal to her, about her mother, Gwen, who passed away in 2011.

“We wrote a song about my mom,” Yearwood reveals. “I just started booking appointments, and I’m just writing, and whatever comes of it – great. It’s bringing me joy, and I’m getting ready to go in the studio.”

Yearwood is heading back into the studio in a few weeks, with her longtime producer, Garth Fundis. The Georgia native admits she has had trouble finding songs she loves for her next record, ones she didn’t write, and hints some of the ones she has written could make it onto the project.

“I don’t know where the originals fall,” Yearwood admits. “I don’t know if I want to cut one or two on this record, or if it’s gonna be a songwriter thing or if it’s gonna be its own thing. I don’t know yet, but we’ll see once we get in there.”

Whether or not Yearwood ever releases and entire album of her own music remains to be seen, but the Georgia native is now ready to wholeheartedly embrace songwriting, regardless of where the songs land.

“I’ve let it be true, but not anymore,” Yearwood says of the words that were spoken to her as a 19-year-old.  “It’s still hard for me, but I’m doing it. I’m always nervous when I go, but I get a little less nervous every time. It’s just been really good. I’m so excited about it.”

Yearwood was recently honored, along with Mickey Guyton and CMT‘s Leslie Satcher, as a 2023 Champion of the Year, by Save the Music and The three were honored for their contributions in the music industry, and their support of music education across the country.

“I’m a school teacher’s daughter and grew up in a small town with a very almost non-existent music program,” Yearwood said during the ceremony. “sS the value of music in my own life and knowing the value of putting it in schools for kids to discover, it’s such a good cause and such a good program, and I’m honored to be a part of it,

Yearwood’s last album, Every Girl, was released in 2019. Find all of Yearwood’s music at

Photo Credit: Catherine Powell/Getty