Trisha Yearwood Reveals How She Stays Healthy: ‘I Eat What I Want’

Trisha Yearwood has found a healthy eating plan that works for her. The 59-year-old has tried several different methods over the years, before latching onto a new lifestyle that allows Yearwood to eat what she wants, in moderation, and not feel frustrated — or hungry.

“Lately, what has been working for me is to not eat at night,” Yearwood said at a recent media event. “And that’s really been the hardest thing, because after a show, you’re very wired, and what I used to do was, ‘Oh, let’s have pizza.’ And that didn’t work that great, even then, but it certainly doesn’t work now.

“So, my routine now, what I do is, I don’t do well with rules,” she continues. “I don’t do well with, ‘You can’t have this.’ So I eat what I want to eat, but I stop at a certain time, and then I don’t eat any more until the next day. And that’s most of the time.”

Yearwood is gearing up for a career first. The Georgia native will premiere “Put A Song In It” at the CMT Music Awards next month, a song she co-wrote for her upcoming album. After decades of not writing her own songs, Yearwood is now ready to share that part of her creativity with the rest of the world.

“I didn’t start doing this to release anything,” Yearwood previously told Everything Nash. “I just kind of had a big epiphany. I’ve written some over the years, but very little, and I was very self-conscious. I kind of had a big aha moment. And I just started writing. I did it for me. I wasn’t doing this to show anybody.”

Yearwood has her husband, Garth Brooks, at least partially to thank for convincing her to write more of her own music.

“I come home and play a song for Garth, and he would cry, and he was like, ‘This is a good song. You need to keep dong this,’” Yearwood recalled. “So I just have been doing a lot of writing. I’m getting quite a collection, and I’m thinking that I might put them out.”

Yearwood recently celebrated another milestone: the 25th anniversary of becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

“It just goes so fast,” Yearwood said of being a part of the Opry for a quarter of a century. “When I think about somebody else being in the Opry for 25 years, that seems like such a huge thing to me. When I think about myself, I’m like, ‘How did this go so fast?’ I’ve said this many times: this, more than any other award, or any other honor, this is a family. The criteria is not easy to define.

“It really is just the powers that be have to decide that you don’t necessarily sing the exact same brand of country that the people who came before you did, but you have to understand what came before,” she added, “and have a love and appreciation for what came before.”

Yearwood will also receive the inaugural June Carter Cash Humanitarian Award at the CMT Music Awards. She will join a lengthy list of performers that includes Cody JohnsonOld DominionMegan Moroney, Parker McCollum with Brittney Spencer, Keith UrbanJelly RollLainey WilsonBailey ZimmermanSam Hunt, and Kelsea Ballerini, with Ballerini also hosting the live ceremony.

The CMT Music Awards are fan-voted. Voting is open now at The CMT Music Awards will air live from the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, April 7, at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry / Chris Hollo