Tyler Hubbard Embraces Being a Solo Artist With New Album, ‘Strong’

Tyler Hubbard‘s sophomore Strong album is out now. The 13-track record, co-written entirely by Hubbard, is Hubbard’s way of connecting even more with his fans, after the 2023 release of his eponymous debut solo album,

“It was just to let them in to who I am even more, and know one another,” Hubbard said during a recent media event, speaking of the inspiration behind Strong. “Hopefully that connection to music is really powerful and special. That’s a fun thing I feel like this year for the first time, after putting out my debut album, I was really able to be in that with my fans for the first time, and see what they wanted, see what they were resonating with and connecting with.”

Hubbard also put a lot of thought into his live shows when crafting the entire Strong project.

“Seeing in the set what was missing or what was working, and coming back to the bus, and writing these songs for the next album,” Hubbard said. “So I feel like it was somewhat reverse engineered … I hope with each album, I hope the fans continue to get to know who I am.”

It’s a new freedom for Hubbard to have complete creative control, after spending the first decade of his career as one-half of Florida Georgia Line, working alongside Brian Kelley.

“I think I realize that, for the first time, I’m fully able to step into who I am,” the father of three reflected. “I didn’t realize this before, but when the dynamic of being in a duo or a band or a partnership, or however you want to categorize it, I think everyone’s subconsciously a little cautious to maybe overshadow the other person, or take too much of the lead. Especially because I was more of the voice, and a little bit of the face. So I think subconsciously I backed off of other areas of leadership that I should be stepping into, when it comes to running an organization, and trying to create culture.”

At the time, Hubbard was unaware he was letting other people take the lead, but now, he happily embraces being the one in charge of his own career.

“I didn’t realize that,” he said. “But now I’ve felt like there’s so much freedom in that, where I’m not questioning, ‘Does me investing in this relationship paint a bad picture for BK? Does this make BK look bad? Am I overshadowing? Am I overdoing?’ So now I can fully dive in, whatever that looks like. All my relationships, how much time I spend with the band — all those things you don’t really think about … It’s just another reminder of the gift of being where I’m at.”

The title track of Strong is the last song on the record, a fitting title for his new set of tnes.

“As far as naming the album this, it kind of came organically in a funny way where we kept referring to everything, ‘Well, that’s a strong take,’ or ‘That’s a strong mix, or ‘Man, that’s a really strong song for this next album,’ or ‘That’s a strong photo’ or whatever,” explained the singer. “And as we were trying to title this project, we just kept saying that and finally, I’m just like, ‘Guys, why don’t we just call it Strong? It feels like it’s overall a pretty strong project.

“I would confidently say that I’m proud of it,” Hubbard boasted. “I love the heart behind the actual song and I love the depth of the word strong, so let’s just roll with that and see where it goes.’ So, it felt right.”

Hubbard currently has a Top 5 hit with “Back Then Right Now,” the debut single from Strong. He is currently serving as the opening act on Kane Brown‘s In The Air Tour. See a track list for Strong below. Find music and tour dates at TylerHubbardOfficial.com.

Strong Track List:

1. Wish You Would (Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder and Chris LaCorte)
2. Park (Tyler Hubbard, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Canaan Smith)
3. A Lot With A Little (Tyler Hubbard, Casey Brown and Parker Welling)
4. Night Like That (Tyler Hubbard, Andy Albert and Jordan Schmidt)
5. Take Me Back (Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder and Chris LaCorte)
6. Back Then Right Now (Tyler Hubbard, Jessie Jo Dillon, David Garcia and Geoff Warburton)
7. Vegas (Tyler Hubbard, Andy Albert and Jordan Schmidt)
8. Turn (Tyler Hubbard, Casey Brown and Josh Miller)
9. American Mellencamp (Tyler Hubbard, Jaren Johnston and Jordan Schmidt)
10. BNA (Tyler Hubbard, Chase McGill and Jordan Schmidt)
11. Summer Talkin’ (Tyler Hubbard, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley)
12. ‘73 Beetle (Tyler Hubbard)
13. Strong (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Dragstrem and Josh Miller)