27 Years Ago: Martina McBride Was Inducted Into the Grand Ole Opry

27 years ago today was a historic day for Martina McBride. It was on this day in 1995 that the powerful singer was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

“Becoming an Opry member was the most thrilling moment of my career,” McBride said of being part of the Grand Ole Opry (via The Boot).. “I’ll try to make the Opry proud and do my best to continue the tradition of country music and the tradition of the Opry.”

McBride made her Grand Ole Opry debut on May 23, 1992, performing the title track of her freshman album, The Time Has Come.

“I remember I sang ‘The Time Has Come,’ which was my first single,” McBride recalled (via Taste of Country). “I had a little short skirt and cowboy boots. It was overwhelming and so wonderful to finally be here.”

It was even more special to McBride that it was Loretta Lynn who inducted her into the Grand Ole Opry, in spite of it being a trying time in Lynn’s personal life.

“That night was magical. I wore a long, white dress and I can remember standing in that circle,” McBride said. “It was actually part of a televised broadcast; it was an anniversary of the Opry. Loretta, when I asked to come do the induction, she was so sweet. Her husband was really sick at that time and she was at his bedside 24/7 but made the trip to come and induct me into the Opry, which I was so touched by and we’ve remained friends ever since.”

McBride forged a close relationship with Lynn after that night, one that continued until Lynn passed away in October.

“I love her. She’s amazing to me,” McBride said of Lynn. “What she’s done is opened herself up to me. I’ll find myself in a corner with her, and her just telling me all this stuff. Does she do this to everybody? I’ve got to remember it all. It’s unbelievable.”

McBride later invited Charlie Daniels to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2007. She remains a regular performer, always happy to take the stage when there is an opportunity.

“Whenever I do the Opry, it still feels like the first time. I still get nervous,” McBride admitted. “The Opry’s going to be here for hundreds of years, and I’m just proud my name is on that list. It’s a highlight of my life.”

McBride is currently on her annual The Joy of Christmas Tour. Find music and tour dates at MartinaMcBride.com.