Alexandra Kay Celebrates End of Dive Bar Dreamer Tour

It’s the end of a chapter, albeit a happy one, for Alexandra Kay. The singer-songwriter wrapped up her Dive Bar Dreamer Tour, which began on July 19 in Wichita, Kansas, and concluded with a show on August 8 in Athens, Georgia.

Kay spoke about the end of the tour, which followed her  Backroad Therapy Tour, extended due to fan demand, on social media.

“That’s a wrap on the Dive Bar Dreamer Tour,” Kay writes. “A longer, much sappier post is coming. But for now.. one last load out and SO much laundry to do. A day off then IL state fair Friday and ST LOUIS Saturday! Thank you for the best 3 weeks. We love you.”

Kay’s Dive Bar Dreamer Tour included a show with Jelly Roll, opening for the country music hitmaker at the North Dakota State Fair.

“I got to witness this incredible human play to 18,000 people last night,” Kay shared on social media after the concert. “In the midst of his sky rocket to the top he is always reaching out a hand to someone who looks up to him. Last night, and many times before… that hand was extended to me. The words he spoke of me and my career on the stage last night will stay with me forever.. and the opportunity to perform in front of his loyal and dedicated fan base was an absolute honor. Thank you Jelly Roll and ND State Fair for having me!”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Kay/Facebook


In addition to several more shows on the calendar, the Illinois native is also putting the finishing touches on her long-awaited freshman album, out this fall. Although she hasn’t spoken publicly about her personal life, Kay says she will go into detail about the highs and lows of the previous year in all of the songs on the record.

“I’m kind of going through it,” Kay said on St. Louis radio station 92.3 WIL. “I’m going through it a little bit in my personal life … I’ve had some major life changes over the last year. I’m putting out my first debut album in October, and it’s a first look into my life. I’ve given a lot of my personal life to the public over the past eight years, almost ten years that I’ve been on social media. I share and I overshare. I let everybody in, and so everybody has been asking a lot of questions, a lot of comments of, ‘Why have you not explained all these changes that everyone is noticing?’”

While Kay has been reticent to talk about her personal life, she is eager to include those details in all of the songs

“I’m in a healing process,”  the “I Hate Airplanes” explained. “I wrote through it over the last year, and that’s the album everybody’s going to get in October. And so, I’m really excited to let everybody in on how I’ve been going through the last year, and what’s been going on, and how I’ve grown through it.”

Kay’s upcoming schedule includes a slot opening for Old Dominion at the Illinois State Fair on Friday, August 11.  Find all of Kay’s music and upcoming shows at