Allie Colleen Breaks Down Walls With Debut Album, ‘Stones’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Allie Colleen is making her own mark in country music, in every way. The singer-songwriter released her debut album, Stones, earlier this year, as a physical copy only, while rolling out the release of tracks digitally throughout the year. It’s just one of the many ways Allie is showing she is unafraid to think outside the box, and color outside whatever lines have already been imposed.

“For the first time, it’s a full project where you get to see and meet and experience every type of Allie that there is,” Allie tells Everything Nash. “Just because. the music that we’ve had out so far, as much me as it is, I get told how sweet I am all the time, which I don’t know if that computes. So I’m very stoked to have this album out, and this project out that kicks it off with ‘Stones.’ It just tells you, I don’t give a – insert whatever your word is that you want, sugarfoot, whatever it can be. And to go all the way from that into ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Only Oklahoma’ and the sweet stuff. I love it. I’m very proud of it. And I really, really hope that people like it and listen to it and enjoy it.”

One of the tracks on Stones is “Don’t Give Your Heart to a Cowboy,” inspired by an offhand comment made by her father, Garth Brooks.

“That’s my ’90s title. That’s my super long title that I wish I could shorten.” Allie says. “It came from this just wonky side conversation I had with my dad one day, which was the last person I should have had it with. He hated it. And he’s still probably mad about it to this day. I was leaving his house, and I guess I was walking out of a door that I didn’t come into. He goes, ‘Hey, your boots are by the door. Don’t forget.’ And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a cowboy.'”

From there, the idea for “Don’t Give Your Heart to a Cowboy” was born.

“I was just sitting there like ‘leaving boots.’ We have to write about ‘leaving boots’ and just get all those awesome mannerisms about cowboys, and how cool they are, and what we love about them,” Allie recalls. “That whole idea of they leave their boots outside, because they’re dirty and they’re respectful of your house. But that’s not why they leave their boots outside. They leave their boots outside so they can just slip them on in the morning. You’re not fooling nobody. The whole thing is just about the archaic cowboy, and how cool they’ve been since the dawn of time.”

Allie will continue to keep sharing songs, one by one, with her fans, building up excitement throughout the year.

“The algorithm is every four to six, eight weeks, to put the songs out on digital,” says the singer. “So the songs will continue to come out digitally throughout the year. So far,’ Don’t Give Your Heart to a Cowboy’ and ‘Playin’ House’ and ‘Make Me a Man’ are out. ‘Pink Lemonade’ is the next release for June. And so we’ll continue to do that until the album comes out on streaming on Black Friday. And when it does, it will basically be a deluxe version of the album because the CD itself has 11 songs. We recorded 12.”

“If I can make enough money this year off of the physical sales, we’ll do vinyls that also have some kind of extra thing to it,” she adds. “I hope to perform this summer. I think we have seven or eight festival dates. That’ll get us through the rest of the year, and hopefully it will just continue to build.”

Find all of Allie Colleen’s music by visiting her website.