Ashley Cooke Announces Massive ‘shot in the dark’ Debut Album

Ashley Cooke‘s debut album is coming out soon, and it’s a big one. The singer-songwriter announces her 24-track shot in the dark album, out on July 21 on Big Loud Records. Cooke wrote or co-wrote 20 of the songs on the record, which includes collaborations with Nate Smith, Colbie Cailat, Jackson Dean and Brett Young.

“The last year of my life has been crazy and wonderful in so many ways, but I think the next year might be even better,” Cooke said. “It’s been full of bucket list moments for me… I made my Opry debut, signed my first deals, went on tours with my heroes, and lived a lot of life in the moments in between. This album is about all of that — and it’s about the magic that can come if you really take risks in life and love.”

Cooke announced the release of shot in the dark while on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, one of her favorite places to perform.

“It’s a huge honor to announce my debut album at a place that means so much to me,” Cooke shared. “So, without further ado on July 21st, I’ll release my first album shot in the dark, and I can’t wait for each of you to hear it. Thank you to everyone who helped get me here, and thank you for making me feel so safe to take a shot in the dark.”

Young joins Cooke on “Never Til Now,” a song that was released last year.

“When I wrote the song, I had always heard a duet on it just because it’s such a narration song,” Cooke explained on Apple Music Country’s Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen.  “So I was like, ‘Man, it would be so cool for all these people that are relating to this song and thinking of this song as their story to get to hear the other person’s perspective on that song as the story.’ So my producer, Jimmy Robbins, who also produces so many people in town, we were talking about who’d be a good fit for this song and he was good friends with Brett.”

“[He] gave him a call and was like, ‘Hey man. I’m working with this new artist, Ashley Cooke,’” she continued. “Brett immediately was like, ‘I’ve heard this song … I love the song. And I love her voice. I’d love to be on the song.’ So it was really quick and really cool how it all happened. He came in, recorded the second verse and some amazing harmonies and it is what it is today.”

Cooke will drop three tracks from shot in the dark on Friday, June 23. Pre-order the album here. Find music and tour dates at

shot in the dark Track List:

1. “tastes like” (Ashley Cooke, Jordan Minton, Emily Weisband, Corey Crowder)
2. “it’s been a year” (Ashley Cooke, Will Weatherly, Brett Tyler)
3. “see you around” (feat. Nate Smith) (Ashley Cooke, Brett Tyler, Will Bundy)
4. “shot in the dark” (Ashley Cooke, Jordan Minton, Emily Weisband, Corey Crowder)
5. “moving on with grace” (Ashley Cooke, Rocky Block, Jake Mitchell)
6. “getting into” (Ashley Cooke, Emily Weisband, Will Weatherly)
7. “enough to leave” (Ashley Cooke, Matt Roy, Lauren Weintraub)
8. “i almost do” (Ashley Cooke, Trevor Rosen, Josh Osborne)
9. “mean girl” (feat. Colbie Caillat) (Ashley Cooke, Colbie Caillat, Nicolle Galyon, Jimmy Robbins)
10. “running back” (Ashley Cooke, Emily Weisband, Will Weatherly)
11. “good thing going” (Ashley Cooke, Matt Dragstrem, Brett Tyler, Geoff Warburton)
12. “next to you” (Ashley Cooke)
13. “good to be back” (Ashley Cooke, Hunter Phelps, Jameson Rodgers, Alysa Vanderheym)
14. “what are you on fire about” (feat. Jackson Dean) (Lainey Wilson, Jason Nix, Luke Dick)
15. “say no more” (Devin Dawson, Donovan Woods, Travis Wood)
16. “tryin’ to love you” (Ashley Cooke, Hillary Lindsey, Chase McGill, Jimmy Robbins)
17. “back in the saddle” (Josh Kerr, Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton)
18. “your place” (Ashley Cooke, Jordan Minton, Mark Trussell)
19. “dirt on ’em” (Ashley Cooke, Jessi Alexander, Aysa Vanderheym)
20. “build a bridge” (Sasha Sloan, Ryan Hurd, Geoff Warburton, Henry Agincourt Allen)
21. “get you” (Ashley Cooke, Jacob Durrett, John Byron)
22. “never til now” (feat. Brett Young) (Ashley Cooke, Matt Roy)
23. “gonna get” (Ashley Cooke, Sasha Sloan, Blake Pendergrass, David Garcia)
24. “state i’m in” (Ashley Cooke, Emily Weisband, Jordan Reynolds)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Loud Records / Robby Klein