Ashley Monroe Reveals She Has Cancer: ‘I Could Use the Prayers’

Ashley Monroe has been diagnosed with cancer, but she is determined to do everything she can to fight the terrifying illness. The singer-songwriter, and member of Pistol Annies shared the heartbreaking news on social media.

“Gratitude. Moments like these I am overwhelmed with gratitude,” Monroe says in a note she posted. “Getting flowers delivered weekly from Gena. Enjoying a staycation in Nashville when we had to cancel our Florida trip. Sitting with my sisters the day I found out. Seeing John be my rock, and the best dad to Dalton, and being surrounded (and prayed for) by the best friends (and family and manager) I could ever dream up.”

Monroe went on to share how she found out she has cancer, and what she is doing to combat the disease.

“A few months ago my dr. was doing some routine lab work and found that I was anemic,” Monroe shares. “I was like, FINE, I’ll just double up on cheeseburger patties, take some extra vitamins and call it a day. Well my red blood count just kept falling, and they found out my iron /b12/ folic acid numbers were actually fine. Short story long, they did a bone marrow biopsy, (ouch) , and VOILA… a rare kind of blood c word called ‘waldenstrom macroglobulinemia.’ It’s causing my body to be pretty anemic, and I feel it.”

Monroe, who says she is starting chemo tomorrow, has found a way to be positive, even amid her fear.

“Seems like such a negative thing to say,” Monroe wrote. “Until I flip that doom feeling on its head and think, wow, I’m thankful I have an illness that is very live with-able. I’m thankful there IS a treatment that actually works to fight what is causing harm to my body. THANKFUL for friends and family who have gathered around me sending flowers and letting me lean on them during this super weird chapter in my life.”

Monroe, who is being treated at Vanderbilt University, closed the lengthy letter to her fans by asking for prayer.

“I could use the prayers … and I DO believe in the power of prayer,” Monroe says. “I also believe in the power of love healing us all on an even deeper level. I love you all big. Here I go.”

Monroe’s latest album, Rosegold, was released earlier this year. Pistol Annies, which also includes Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, released Interstate Gospel in 2018.