Austin Brown and Wife Amberly Share Details Of Their Sweet Love Story [EXCLUSIVE]

Austin Brown and his wife, Amberly, are sharing details of their sweet love story. The Home Free singer began dating Amberly at the beginning of the pandemic, after being friends for several years, before that friendship blossomed into something more.

“We became friends, and we were just casual friends. She friend-zoned me for a long time,” Brown tells Everything Nash with a laugh. “And then, turns out, we friend-zoned each other. And then three or four years ago, COVID started, and we came home.”

“He invited me over to go fishing, and then kissed me over the fishing pole,” Amberly adds. “And we’ve been together ever since. Yes, it was magical. We still fish together. We have a YouTube channel that we kind of do that on now too.”

Brown and Amberly not only live together, but they also work together, with Amberly helping Brown with his solo career, in addition to his work with Home Free.

“I don’t know how I got so lucky,” Amberly gushes. “He is remarkable. He’s so talented and I’m so glad that the world’s getting a little piece of what I get every single day.”

Brown made plenty of music without Amberly by his side, but now that he has the support of his wife, he doesn’t want to make music without her.

“She runs our business, and she is the face of my music,” Brown explains. “Literally I put her as the cover art for one of our recent singles. I don’t enjoy self-promotion, but when I’m promoting us it feels like something so much more. Getting to put her front and center of what I do — ’cause all the music that I write is about her, it’s about our walk together — and seeing other people resonate with that makes me want to do it more.

“And getting to celebrate her online, that’s my life purpose at this point,” he adds. “I just want to make more content with her, ’cause it’s so much fun. And we’ve worked together so well that I don’t know how I’ve ever been doing anything else before.”

Brown and Amberly knew right away they were in love, but they waited a while before they decided to get married.

“It’s really the same as it as it was before,” Brown explains. “Every day is patience, love, and intention towards each other in this relationship. It’s an equal partnership. And I think the reason we got married is because it was working. And we were both clearly all in. Marriage is just a label we put on it afterward,”

Home Free just released their brand-new album, AS SEEN ON TV. The ten-track record is released in honor of the tenth anniversary of when the all-vocal group won Season 4 of NBC‘s The Sing-Off in 2013.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMA / Katie Kauss