Bobby Bones on Running for Office: ‘I Speak for People Who Often Aren’t Spoken For’

Bobby Bones has been talking for years about a potential run for office, as governor of Arkansas, which might happen sooner rather than later. The star of the  new Breaking Bobby Bones show on National Geographic is interested in entering politics, not for the title, but for the ability it would give him to help others, especially those less fortunate.

“I speak for people who often aren’t spoken for,” Bones tells Fox News. “So when people start to ask, ‘What’s your opinion on this?’ Here’s my opinion: Unless you grow up on food stamps or you grow up with addiction in your family or you grow up with food insecurity, you don’t understand that stuff,.”

“So for me, it’s not so much about being in politics as it’s about being in the people business and having some people get their voices heard that don’t often get their voices heard,” he adds.

Bones, who grew up in poverty to a single mother who was an addict, feels fortunate that he was able to choose a different life for himself — an opportunity he is passionate about offering to others.

“How do you break it? Education is a big part of my life,” the iHeartRadio host says. “I try to help. I have scholarships that I pay for for people to hopefully break that cycle. So for me, if I never run for office, that’s awesome, because I didn’t feel the call to have to get in. I feel like people are doing the work that I would do. But who knows? It could be sooner than later,”

Bones, who was also the Season 27 winner of Dancing With the Stars, says it is his own journey that makes him so relatable to others.

“I know who I am,” Bones maintains. “And I know that for me, the only reason I have any success at all is because I represent folks that have been through a lot.”

Bones is engaged to Caitlin Parker, whom he credits with helping him navigate all the different aspects of his life and career.

“Even though I’m busy, I have a great influence on my life, and her name is Caitlin,” Bones told Everything Nash. “My girlfriend, she is extremely present. With Cait, life doesn’t revolve around what’s happening on TV and radio. For me, I’ve been so dedicated to my job, and her focus is not that. She doesn’t even like it, honestly. She doesn’t want any of the attention.

“That’s good for me,” he insists. “At first it was forced, but it has made me value time. So, I do sleep a little bit more, mostly because she has instilled in me, beat in me that I need it.”

Breaking Bobby Bones airs Sunday nights on National Geographic.

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