Brantley Gilbert’s New Album Includes Blake Shelton, Vince Gill + More

Brantley Gilbert has a new album coming out, with several very special guests. The country music hitmaker will release So Help Me God on November 10, with Blake Shelton, Vince Gill, Jason Aldean, Toby KeithHARDY and Jelly Roll joining him on the ten-track project.

Gilbert wrote all of the songs on So Help Me God, including “Heaven by Then,” his duet with Shelton, which also features Gill.

“We were on a writing retreat in Texas that we do every year, and everybody was out on the porch. I don’t remember who threw a word in here or there and who didn’t, so, we ended up with a bunch of writers on ‘Heaven By Then,’” Gilbert recalls. “And I love songs like that. It came out of a conversation. A guitar ended up in HARDY’s lap, which is usually a good sign that it’s about to turn into something special. I think we all knew that as it was being written. It came to life that night.

“To have Blake Shelton and Vince Gill on the song meant so much to me,” he continues. “Those two brought so much to the table and gave it a voice I didn’t have. We were all in separate places when we recorded, but it was a cool way for everyone to put their spin on it. They just did what felt natural, and sonically you hear that.”

So Help Me God comes a little more than three years after Gilbert’s Fire & Brimstone record, not that Gilbert was overly concerned with the time between records.

“I’ve always taken a little longer than most artists, especially in this genre, to put an album out and that’s partly to do with me being a perfectionist,” Gilbert concedes. “But we’ve been looking forward to getting this album out for a long time. I’ve been blessed to sit down with some of the best writers in the country, and I feel like we’ve written some wonderful stuff.”

Gilbert collaborated with songwriters like Randy Montana, Josh Phillips, Hunter Phelps and more to create what became So Help Me God.

“We wanted to put songs that sounded good together, but also songs that covered a wide variety of genre influences,” Gilbert explains. “There’s a lot of different songwriting styles on the album. We’re super excited about it, and I can’t wait for BG Nation to hear what we’ve been working on.”

Pre-order for So Help Me God is available here. Gilbert will spend much of the remainder of the year co-headlining a tour with Five Finger Death Punch. Find music and tour dates at

So Help Me God Track List:

1. “Heaven By Then” with Blake Shelton featuring Vince Gill | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Jake Mitchell, Randy Montana, Hunger Phelps, Taylor Phillips
2. “Rolex On A Redneck” featuring Jason Aldean | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Randy Montana, Taylor Phillips
3. “Miles of Memories” | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Josh Phillips
4. “She’s The One” | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Taylor Phillips
5. “The Worst Country Song Of All Time” featuring Toby Keith and HARDY | Brantley Gilbert, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly
6. “Son Of The Dirty South” featuring Jelly Roll | Brantley Gilbert, Andrew Baylis, Jason Bradley DeFord
7. “How To Talk To Girls” | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Brian Wayne Davis, Brandon Day, Chase McGill, Josh Phillips, Taylor Phillips, Michael Ray
8. “Little Piece of Heaven” | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Greylan James, Taylor Phillips, Cole Taylor
9. “Gone But Not Forgotten” | Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Jason Blaine, Jay Brunswick
10. “So Help Me God” | Brantley Gilbert, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly

Photo Credit: Courtesy of EB Media / Alexa Campbell