Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean Release ‘Rolex On A Redneck’ [LISTEN]

Brantley Gilbert and Jason Aldean have teamed up for a new collaboration,  “Rolex® On A Redneck” The song, written by Gilbert, along with Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Randy Montana and Taylor Phillips, is from an upcoming new album by Gilbert.

“We go on a writer’s retreat every year southwest of Houston, Texas, and we do a little bit of hog hunting and write a bunch of songs. I was actually in the other room when this one started,” Gilbert recalls. “Taylor Phillips called me over, and he, HARDY, Brock Berryhill and Randy Montana were in the bus writing ‘Rolex® On A Redneck.’ I put my two cents on it, and it was one of those songs that when you hear it for the first time, it’s just fun.”

“It’s a little outside the box – it’s a sound we haven’t really done in a while, so it was really cool to be able to jump on it,” he adds. “We’re super proud of it, and we just hope folks dig it.”

Gilbert and Aldean have been friends for years, so having the superstar join Gilbert on the track is a dream come true.

“Writing a song and having Aldean cut it is one thing, and that’s something I’ll always be thankful for and is a blessing in itself,” Gilbert says. “But to be able to do a song with him, well, it’s a whole other level.”

In addition to being friends, Gilbert has also been fortunate enough to have the father of four record a few songs that he wrote.

“Aldean was one of those guys coming up that I looked up to as he’s a great song guy,” Gilbert says. “Back in the day, he cut a couple songs of mine, ‘My Kinda Party’ and ‘Dirt Road Anthem,’ and he turned both of those into big ole hits, and I’ll forever be thankful for that.”

Aldean, who just won the ACM Award for Single of the Year with Carrie Underwood for their “If I Didn’t Love You” duet says he was thrilled to join Gilbert on the anthemic tune.

“Brantley and I go way back,” Aldean says. “This song is just a straight up a banger – it‘s cool to be part of it with him.”

Find Rolex® On A Redneck here,

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Valory Music Co.