Brett Young Is ‘Really Proud’ of ‘Across the Sheets’ Album, Out in August

New music is coming from Brett Young! The singer-songwriter announces the release of Across the Sheets, an eight-track project out on August 4, with Young writing all but one of the songs on the record.

“I really dug deep with my writing over the pandemic,” Young shares. “Across The Sheets is by far the most adventurous I’ve ever gotten thematically and lyrically. I hope people hear my evolution as a songwriter and artist because I’m really proud of how much I allowed myself to pull back the curtain and let people see more of my life through my music. We’ve been playing the new songs on tour and to see how fans have already connected with them is truly special.”

The one cover on Across the Sheets is “Don’t Take the Girl.” The song, recorded by Tim McGraw and released in 1994, has become part of Young’s setlist in his shows, honoring the track — and artist — that lured him into country music in the first place.

“It was the song that got me into country music,” Young previously shared with Everything Nash and other media outlets. “It’s fun. We have enough singles at this point that you’re not going to lose anybody in a 90-minute show. So mixing in the new stuff has been nice. It’s been, I think, refreshing for people.

“We have a lot of fans that come like four times a year,” he continued. “So for them to see the same show all the time, it’s nice that we’re able to change it up for them. It’s been a really good response.”

Young just released “Back to Jesus,” a song about his wife, Taylor, whom he married in 2018.

“‘Back to Jesus is about getting back together with my wife,” Young shared. “The song is kind of like, she saved my soul religiously. But really what it’s saying is, she just saved me, period, by us getting back together.”

The couple famously dated and broke up, before Young realized she was the one he wanted to spend his life with.

“Did we let go too soon? It’s crazy for me because it was an idea I had when me and Taylor broke up,” Young said. “Then we got back together. So, yes, we did let go too soon. We’re back together. We’re married now. So there’s a lot of information on this record, and it’s special to me. And then ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ was the song that got me into country music.”

Young will embark on his Dance With You Tour on September 14, with Jake Scott and Griffen Palmer serving as his opening acts. He will spend the summer serving as the opening act on Sam Hunt‘s Summer On The Outskirts Tour. See a track list for Across the Sheets below. Find music and tour dates at

Across the Sheets Track List:
1. “Dance With You” (Written by Brett Young, Jordan Minton, Jimmy Robbins)
2. “Let Go Too Soon” (Written by Brett Young, Chris LaCorte, Jon Nite)
3. “Back To Jesus” (Written by Brett Young, Justin Ebach, Jon Nite)
4. “Uncomfortable” (Written by Brett Young, Ryan Marrone, Jon Nite)
5. “Love Goes On” (Written by Brett Young, Sam Ellis, Julia Michaels)
6. “I Did This To Me” (Written by Brett Young, Ross Copperman, Gabe Simon)
7. “You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me (2022)” (Written by Brett Young, Matt Alderman, Tiffany Goss)
8. “Don’t Take the Girl” (Written by Larry Johnson, Craig Martin)