Jake Owen Finds Freedom With ‘Loose Cannon,’ Out Now

Jake Owen‘s Loose Cannon album is here. The 41-year-old’s 16-track project, his first since Greetings from…Jake came out in 2019, was released on Friday, June 23, a labor of love that Owen is thankful to now be able to share with the world.

Loose Cannon has been a long time coming and I’m so excited my fans can finally experience it with me,” Owen says. “I hope the album makes it into your summertime memories and I can’t wait to see y’all on the road this fall.”

Owen is known for feel-good tracks like “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” “Down to the Honkytonk” and more. His music, including his current single, “On the Boat Again,” a take on Willie Nelson‘s “On the Road Again.” leans towards being positive, even if those songs don’t always mirror his real life.

“I have had a lot of darkness in my life too, but I just don’t dwell in it,” Owen tells American Songwriter. “I find happiness in the brighter side of life. I’ve never enjoyed making dark music, but I do find when I listen to songs that I record that have a darker undertone or an honesty to the dark side of my life, they really resonate.”

The Florida native doesn’t mind singing songs that don’t necessarily reflect his own life, although Owen vows his own stories still come through in the songs on Loose Cannon.

“I think with this new record, I have songs on there that are super believable from a standpoint that I’ve definitely lived them,” Owen explains. “But then there’s a song or two that I’m delivering from a messenger of a character. It’s funny, I’m either writing something that’s very serious and honest or it’s very fun and completely careless. If you don’t take yourself so seriously, you can have a lot more fun.”

Owen will embark on his Loose Cannon Tour on September 7, with Tyler Booth and Daves Highway serving as his opening acts.

“I’m so excited to get back on the road and share all the new music from Loose Cannon with you,” says Owen. “This collection of songs was made for the fans and I look forward to seeing everyone party and sing along at each show. Can’t wait to see y’all out there!”

Find all of Owen’s music, including Loose Cannon, as well as all of his upcoming shows at JakeOwen.net.

Loose Cannon Track List:

1. “Hot Truck Beer” (Jordan Fletcher, Jim McCormick, Austin Nivarel)
2. “Go Getter” (Brent Cobb, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Ratiere)
3. “Solo Solo” (Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Blake Pendergrass, Hunter Phelps)
4. “On The Boat Again” (Willie Nelson, Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman, Rocky Block, Blake Pendergrass)
5. “Hearts and Habits” (Thomas Archer, Jamie Moore, Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis)
6. “When It All Shakes Out” (Jacob Davis, Jordan Dozzi, Josh Jenkins)
7. “Hope Less” (Jared Mullins, Ben Stennis)
8. “It Don’t, He Won’t and You Do” (Jordan Dozzi, Justin Ebach, Chase McGill)
9. “Friends Don’t Let Friends” (Jessie Jo Dillon, Hunter Phelps, Ben Stennis)
10. “Boy In The Chevrolet” (Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, Bobby Pinson)
11. “Shrank” (Lalo Guzman, Walker Hayes, Hunter Phelps)
12. “Nothing” (Dallas Davidson, Kyle Fishman, Earle Hagen, Reid Haughton, Herbert Spencer, Cole Taylor)
13. “Somewhere South With Rum” (Jacob Davis, Jordan Davis, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)
14. “The Ending” (Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, Chris Tompkins)
15. “Hey Can I Buy You A Beer” (John Byron, Rocky Block, Travis Wood)
16. “Loose Cannon” (Matt Roy)

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