Canaan Smith Reveals How Being Home Because of COVID-19 is Improving His Creativity (Exclusive)

Canaan Smith just released his new single, “Colder Than You,” which is, in many ways, his reintroduction into country music, since it was three years since his former single, “This Night Back,” was released. His new single is his first of several coming from Canaan, which will be released on Round Here Records. Although Canaan didn’t expect to be working on new music while stuck at home, due to COVID-19, the 37-year-old says he is learning to be creative, even amid the challenges, which includes writing sessions via Zoom, instead of in person.

“I have set up shop in my garage,” Canaan told Everything Nash. “I went to my writing studio and I got all my gear, and I brought it back here. And so the first Zoom I did was sort of painful, because of the lag time. You can’t sing in time with each other, and you can’t do anything in unison. So it’s hard to write and hear what they’re hearing, and vice versa. The learning curve was steep, but after I got over that learning curve, honestly, this is my favorite season as a songwriter. This has been my favorite way to make music, sitting right here in the comfort of my own garage.

“It kind of takes away of the inhibitions a little bit for me because I’m so in my element,” he continued. “It allows me to be more expressive sometimes than I maybe would in somebody’s spare room from Music Row or wherever we would be. And this is just paying dividents in that regard. It’s allowed me to, I think, to be a little more fearless, and that’s cool.”

Canaan’s “Colder Than You” was more about the music he likes — traditional-sounding country music — and less about what might be current on the radio.

“I do value the tradition of country music, and that being great lyrics that aren’t just about trying to get into girls’ pants and talented musicianship,” Canaan said. “That down-home sound where, if you stick it on the back porch, you can sit on a back porch and play it in a circle for people. It still translates. It connects, and that’s country music. You can do that with all kinds of sounds, but I’m a fan of the more traditional stuff for sure.”

Canaan acknowledges that “Colder Than You” might be different from some things he has released in the past, but he trusts his fans to join him as he explores new musical ground.

“I do think that this new sound going forward, this new storyline and all of it is probably gonna be a slight adjustment,” admitted the singer. “It has been so much time since we’ve seen each other  on that scale, but at the same time, I’m excited because we can grow together.”