Carly Pearce Drops ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’ With Chris Stapleton [LISTEN]

Carly Pearce‘s debut single from her forthcoming new album is here. The Grand Ole Opry member just dropped “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” featuring Chris Stapleton. The song, which follows “What He Didn’t Do,” is the first track released from her fourth record, which she is working on now.

Pearce says “What He Didn’t Do,” which she wrote with Shane McAnally and Pete Good is not autobiographical, but rather embodies everything she loves about country music, especially the kind of country music she makes.

“I wrote this song about a year ago,” Pearce tells Audacy’s Coop. “It wasn’t what I was going through at the time, but I’ve always been somebody who really loves sad songs, always. Shane threw out this title, and it just felt like something that was really important. I feel like everybody has their highlight reel on social media. They don’t show you sometimes the backstage of what a relationship can look like.

“I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries, and be the exception to the rule of maybe saying things that maybe make people feel uncomfortable,” she adds. “But I think that’s good, because that maybe will tell you if you should be in this relationship or not.”

Pearce is confident in the message behind “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” even if it isn’t necessarily a feel-good love song.

“I felt like it was something that was either going to save a lot of relationships, or bring to the surface that you can leave a relationship,” Pearce tells Entertainment Tonight. “I think that’s something, again, that I just want to stand for things that make me feel, whether that’s whatever human emotion that is. I think that this is something that probably a lot more people, if they were honest, behind the highlight reel of Instagram, would probably tell you they feel.”

Especially after the release of 29: Written in Stone, written about the end of her marriage to Michael Ray, Pearce realized how powerful it was for her to let people into her feelings, however honest and complicated they might be.

“I’ve always wanted to write music that makes people feel something – whether that is feeling seen, less alone, happy or even uncomfortable,” Pearce says. “‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’ felt like I was writing one of those stories that, whether or not we want to include it in our social media highlight reel, we’ve either been there or are living there right now. Having Chris Stapleton join me on this song was a dream come true and he unlocked an element to the story that I didn’t even know it needed.”

The 32-year-old reached out to Stapleton’s wife, Morgane, to see if the fellow Kentucky native would be interested in joining her on “We Don’t Fight Anymore.”

“When we wrote it, I heard Chris singing on it,” Pearce recalls. “I don’t know why. I kind of just heard him singing harmony on it, and I DM’d his wife, Morgane, and asked her if I could send a song for him, and it just snowballed. He ended up doing something so special on it, that unlocked the other side to the story, and it’s literally the most proud I’ve ever been to put out a song.”

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