Chris Janson Relies On His Faith And His Wife Amid Struggles

Chris Janson might sing happy songs like “Buy Me A Boat,” “Good Vibes” and more, but they aren’t always indicative of how he really feels. The 36-year-old admits he struggles with negative feelings, just like everyone else. Fortunately, Janson has learned how to cope with feeling down, by leaning on his faith and his wife, Kelly.

“I go through plenty of low times and mad times,” Janson admits to his record label. “I mean, I’m a human. But I talk to two people – Jesus Christ and my wife. That’s it. We are praying about it, I’m praying about it. And she reminds me of this a lot, which is great, and I also am self-aware of the fact that I have such a platform to spread positivity with people. I’m thankful for that opportunity.”

Janson has had his own share of hardships and trials, including experiencing a house fire in 2021. The setbacks and challenges have only made him more determined than ever to be grateful for what he does have.

“No matter how rough little patches of the day might get, I mean, the bottom line is I woke up today,” Janson says. “I’m blessed to be alive today. I want for really nothing, I need for really nothing, and that is a special place to be in life. It hasn’t always been that way, so I’m really grateful for that and I’m thankful to be alive.”

Janson is back at radio with “All I Need Is You.” The song, written about Kelly, is from a forthcoming new album, his first on Big Machine Label Group.

“There are so many things we all want,” the Missouri native reflects. “We’ve all gotten caught up in the biggest buck of the season, the newest Chevrolet, or whatever’s caught our eye— and that’s half the fun of living. But when you strip it back, when you look at what really matters, it comes down to that one ride-or-die person who believes in you and your dream, no matter what happens. I’m blessed because my person is my wife, my manager, and my best friend.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of BMLG Records / Dustin Haney