Colin Stough Goes Behind the Scenes of ‘I Still Talk to Jesus’ [WATCH]

Colin Stough is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of his latest single, “I Still Talk to Jesus,” out now. Stough recenlty came in third in the latest season of American Idol, Co-written by Francisco Martin and Hank Compton, the original song was released ahead of the Idol finale, where Iam Tongi was crowned the winner.

“The main point of the song is to not give up,” Stough says. “Especially in this generation, and in this world, it is really hard to keep going. It’s hard to find people that you can talk to. This song is a reminder that you will always have that one source that is always with you.”

In the visualizer, Stough can be seen making decisions on the recording of the song as it was happening. The 18-year-old is thrilled to be releasing his own song, and living out his biggest dream.

“Being able to record my own song, it makes me feel really great,” Stough said. “It’s definitely a phase in life I never thought I’d be able to see or be able to get to, and now we’re here. To be here and get to be in this environment, the hospitality is really amazing. It makes me feel like you’re supposed to be here, and you can really see that deep down there are just people here that care about you. They’re not just here doing their job or anything like that.”

Stough is proud of the message behind “I Still Talk to Jesus,” although he admits he has a hard time articulating why the song matters so much to him.

“This song, ‘I Still Talk To Jesus,’ when I try to think about it and try to talk about it, I get lost of words, because it’s exactly what it says it is,” says the singer. “‘I Still Talk To Jesus,’ it really means to me just finding that ear that will listen. Whether it’s an ear you can see or one you cannot, you can always talk to Jesus. It really hits me deep down in the heart. It’s definitely a great tune.”

“The overall message of this song is really just like the main line, don’t give up,” he continues. “Especially in this generation, in this world, it’s really, really hard to keep going, and still be able to find people that you can talk to. It’s just a reminder that you always have that one source.”

With American Idol behind him, Stough is performing all over the country, as well as working on new music.

“I’m writing every single day,” Stough tells Hollywood Life. “Even if it’s just lines, I’m writing them down and getting them in my head. I definitely would love to drop an album one day.”

Find “I Still Talk To Jesus” here.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ABC