Colin Stough Moves to Nashville After Competing on ‘American Idol’

Colin Stough is officially a Tennessee resident. The Mississippi native, who came in third on the most recent season of American Idol, reveals on social media that he has relocated to Nashville to focus full-time on his music career.

“I have to give all glory to the good lord,” Stough shares on Instagram. “A year ago today I was working a full time job and also doing things on the side. Now I’m living in Nashville doing music full time. I can’t be more blessed to have made some of the great friends I’ve made and have a great fan base. If it wasn’t for you guys we couldn’t keep playing the shows we are.

“Thank you to the people that are making these awesome times happen,” he adds, “from the people to the label, songwriters, fans, the awesome band members, and people who just stream my music.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/ColinStough


Stough had recently graduated from high school, and was working in HVAC when his mother signed him up to audition for American Idol, setting off an entirely different trajectory for his life that Stough admits he never anticipated.

“My mom signed me up for it,” Stough tells Music Mayhem. “I didn’t know how far I could go on it, and I ended up about damn near going all the way. So, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. It was pretty awesome.”

The rising star released “I Still Talk to Jesus” after his time on Idol. The message of the song was deeply personal to Stough, which is why he wanted it to be his first single.

“The main point of the song is to not give up,” Stough says. “Especially in this generation, and in this world, it is really hard to keep going. It’s hard to find people that you can talk to. This song is a reminder that you will always have that one source that is always with you.”

The 19-year-old hints that he has a lot more music fans can expect from him, and likely soon.

“Being in the music industry is something I’ve always dreamed about,” Stough tells Hollywood Life.. “I’ve kind of got a list; I’ve got goals for my life like everybody else does, and I want to keep checking them off … I’m writing every single day. Even if it’s just lines, I’m writing them down and getting them in my head. I definitely would love to drop an album one day.”

Find “I Still Talk To Jesus” here.