Darryl Worley Speaks Out After His Barn Goes Up In Flames

Darryl Worley is speaking out after tragically losing his barn in a fire on Tuesday, January 16. The singer-songwriter shared a photo of him staring at the fire, vowing to emerge stronger from the devastation.

“I don’t think I will get this sight out of my mind for a long time!” Worley wrote on social media. “I’ve seen other people go through things like this and I truly hurt for them. You just don’t really know and understand until it happens to you. It’s the worst feeling! In that moment that Kimberly captured I was overwhelmed with the feelings of helplessness, sadness, confusion, and grief! There were so many things in that barn that meant so much to us and so many great memories!

“But I woke up this morning feeling thankful for all the love and support from so many, for the fact that all our animals escaped, for my family being safe, and for God’s love and protection!” he continued. “Please continue keep us in your prayers and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the posts, texts, calls, and prayers! We will rebuild our barn and move on with God’s help!”

I don’t think I will get this sight out of my mind for a long time! I’ve seen other people go through things like this…

Posted by Darryl Worley on Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Worley recently released “Have We Forgotten,” a new take on his 2003 “Have You Forgotten,” which became a multi-week, No. 1 hit for him.

“I’ll tell you this: ‘Have You Forgotten?’ has always been my crown jewel,” Worley told Everything Nash. “It was the biggest song I’ve ever had. I love some of the other hit songs, but that song has just done so much for me and my family, and hopefully and prayerfully, it did a lot for the people that loved it as well. A lot of those were men and women in the military and first responders, and people who just need our support.”

Worley is one of the recipients of the Charlie Daniels Patriot Award, given to him for his ongoing work supporting veterans. Worley was hand-picked by Daniels, before the Country Music Hall of Fame member passed away in 2020.

“It’s just heart-wrenching to think that I was on the top of his list,”  Worley said. “I really wouldn’t want it to come any other way. I think the special part of that is that he had a very special place in my heart. And without saying it out loud, that kind of reciprocates that from him, and that’s huge.”

Worley will also be part of this year’s Country Music Cruise, which sets sail on Saturday, January 20. The Tennessee native is part of an all-star lineup that includes Tracy LawrenceShenandoah Billy DeanNeal McCoyJoe NicholsHome FreeClint BlackWade Hayes, Linda Davis, Jimmy Fortune, Moe Bandy and more.

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